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Zombie idle: City defense v1.0.3 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode, Money)

Zombie idle: City defense v1.0.3 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode, Money)

Zombie idle: City defense is a game inspired by the theme of the raging zombie pandemic, and it seems that it has never ceased to be hot with players who love the action genre. Still, with the familiar zombie killing gameplay, it will be much more enjoyable this time because you are no longer a survivor looking for ways to survive but will be a professional zombie hunter with modern weapons on the battlefield.

Zombie idle: City defense Zombie idle: City defense


Your task in Zombie idle is to create a powerful force to defend and fight against the attacks of fearsome zombies. At first, there will be a plane dropping a warrior onto a small area in the center and surrounded by a barrier. At this point, a series of zombies begin to come from all sides to attack you so quickly touch your warrior, and they will immediately shoot at them.

After passing all the first levels, you will unlock some new warriors to support because the number of zombies will increase later on. Through the upgrade process, you do not need to influence too much on the warriors anymore; they have been automated. As long as the zombies come close to the position they are standing in, they will attack themselves without you having to touch them. After killing all zombies, you will complete the task, and the reward will include gold coins, bonus coins, and some other helpful loot for you.

Zombie idle: City defense Zombie idle: City defense


You will be able to own yourself a lot of mighty warriors when coming to this game by completing assigned tasks or participating in events. Each warrior will have a unique characteristic and hold a different role and strength index. But they all have the same goal of working together to fight the zombies and bring peace to the world.

If you want your warriors to be stronger, you can use the gold coins you earn to upgrade them. After you have upgraded all the warriors you have, clearing the zombies is just an easy task. In addition, you can also promote those warriors by collecting the cards of that warrior, and 3 of the same cards, when combined, will create the most decisive battle.

The landings and attacks of the zombies will also be quickly destroyed by the influential group of hunters from Zombie idle. With modern weapons available on hand, you just need to create a powerful army to fight them efficiently.

Zombie idle: City defense Zombie idle: City defense


  • Form a squad of mighty warriors against hordes of zombies.
  • There are three attractive game modes to experience freely.
  • 3D graphics designed in cute cartoon style suitable for all ages.
  • A collection of different modern guns to use.
  • The combat mechanism has been automated without too much manipulation.

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