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Zombie Catchers v1.32.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Catchers allows players to take over a drink shop, and then go on an adventure to capture zombies in order to make the ingredients needed. You can earn money by upgrading your items or buying new ones.

Build a DRINK SHOP to Catch Zombies

In Zombie Catchers, the story revolves around A.J. and Bud. They are two merchants who come from outer space. They want to open a drink shop in Earth but lack the necessary ingredients. They devised a plan to use the zombies that they captured to work and make drinks. They will, of course, make money through this business.

In this game, the work players must do is divided into two categories. A.J will be tasked with catching zombies and you’ll need to maintain production. These two tasks are interconnected, so you’ll need to have the right equipment. The money you earn will be used to unlock equipment that has awe-inspiring results.

Enjoy a fun-filled adventure to catch zombies

You will first go to the Swap location, in Zombie Catchers. A drone will help you determine where you can catch many zombies. You will then go to the location with A.J, Bud and start A.J’s capture process. You will be moving in a 2D environment, with buttons that are easily accessible. You can hold down some buttons, such as jump and javelin buttons, if your new equipment improves action effectiveness.

There will be some zombies on the ground and a circle that represents the range of your weapon. You will then choose the best position and distance for a precise shot. You will also be able to find zombies hiding in the earth when you place a bait-and-ambush near a location. Some zombies also have some extra items which make it harder to capture the player.

You will find it hard to hunt zombies due to a number of factors. Some animals can temporarily stun you and make your target disappear. You also face difficulties when you encounter zombies that have items which require you to use more powerful attacks. For example, holding the fire button. The zombies will escape from both ends of the stage, so you won’t be able to catch them if they pass through.


Zombie Catchers has a wide variety of zombies to help you make drinks of various prices. You will need to build a container, and then place zombies that are the same type into it. You will then see the products being moved up to the top, and the guests that will receive them. Over time, you will receive more money and be able to buy new items.

Swamp is one of the many locations that players will visit. Each location has a unique boss that will be different. You will therefore be with A.J. and Bud, piloting the spaceship while firing attacks on it to drain its health. The effect of bosses is often better than that of regular zombies. Some machines work only when there are three zombies that look the same, but you can do this with just one boss zombie.

Upgrade Equipment and Production Machines to Increase Profits

Upgrades are necessary as you encounter more zombies that have characteristics which will make the game harder for you. A.J. can be upgraded to fire more powerful attacks and jump higher.

There are many items that you can consider purchasing and upgrading to improve their efficiency. The money you earn will be invested in production machines to increase their performance and quantity.

There are many things that you will enjoy when you catch zombies on Earth.

  • Enjoy a fun game where you capture zombies using the appropriate weapons.
  • Each type of zombie has unique characteristics. You will need to observe these and then use the right attack on them so they don’t escape.
  • As you travel to different areas, there will be a boss that is essential to the area.
  • Each zombie type will produce a different drink. The quality of the drink will determine how much can be produced in the machines.
  • There are many items you can use to hunt the zombies, and with your money you can upgrade to make trading and catching more advanced.

Zombie Catchers v1.32.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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