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Words of Wonders MOD APK

Words of Wonders MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Pro Version)

The game starts with some basic hints. See if you can correctly answer the crosswords. Words of Wonders offers a variety of challenging puzzles with different levels of difficulty. The players will travel the world while completing puzzles and taking on challenges. You will receive rewards and unlock new levels every time you solve the crosswords correctly.

Words of Wonders MOD APK

Bring many surprises

This is not your typical puzzle game. To complete all of the Words of Wonders puzzles, you will need to have extreme patience. The difficulty of each question increases with every turn, even if not everyone is able to complete all the puzzles. You will be surprised by the many surprises and mysteries words in this game. You are confident that you can solve all the puzzles without any help.

Vocabular RICHNESS

Do you feel confident that you can solve all of the puzzles and understand all of the hints in Words of Wonders? Are you able to solve all puzzles without any problems? You’ll learn more words than you thought in this game. It could be the first time. The questions will help you to improve your vocabulary. Positive intelligence is the key to a great score on our quizzes.


In this game, you will be searching for hidden letters, similar to the number games. The game will give you more than just entertainment, it will also improve your vocabulary. To solve the puzzles you need to be able to use your skills, but also remember previous mysteries to help you complete the next levels.

Explore New Lands

Words of Wonders is not only a puzzle game but also a fun adventure around the globe. Travel and discover seven of the most famous wonders in the world. Not for fun but to complete puzzles and letters related to that wonder. The knowledge you gain will also be greatly enhanced when the trip is over.

Journey to the highest level

You will find it difficult to solve the puzzles. Your strength and intelligence will be tested as you make your way to the top. You can solve the puzzles by yourself without any help or data. You can save hint items for more difficult levels. Each level becomes harder after you complete the previous mission.


You will have more fun if you take on the challenge with your friends. Create a team of four smart people. Join your friends and take on the challenge in multiplayer mode. Completing puzzles becomes easier with the help of your friends. Words of Wonders will help you improve your intelligence by expanding the vocabulary.


  • You can expand your vocabulary after every difficult question you answer. Will you be able remember all of the words, and produce perfect results?
  • Use previous vocabulary to solve the puzzles.
  • Explore the world and discover the famous wonders. Solve the secret messages hidden under each monument. Your vocabulary will increase by one level when you complete the game.
  • You can test your vocabulary by completing many quests and puzzles.
  • Create a four-person team, invite your friends to join you, and conquer the difficult vocabulary levels together.

Download Words of Wonders v4.5.2 MOD (Unlimited Diamonds, Pro Version).

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