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Weekend: 10AM - 5PM Dictionaries APK MOD Dictionaries APK MOD (Pro Unlimited) Download dictionaries are a combination of a dictionary and a website, as well as the most comprehensive dictionary translator available today. This application allows users to communicate effectively with international friends who speak many languages, such as English and French. You can also participate in discussions on the forum with people who share similar interests. This application is not only for translation but also for learning.

LANGUAGES TRANSLATABLES – A RANGE OF TRANSLATABLE LANGUAGES dictionaries are probably the most popular dictionary application. This application allows you to communicate confidently with friends from around the world in order to translate different languages. This application will translate from English to German, and provide examples that users can easily visualize. The application can be used to translate between languages and vice versa. It only takes a few seconds to get the right result.


Users can use the application to learn or just want to know more. This application is a great way to help users understand and communicate in daily life. The application will give the correct meaning and pronunciation when the user is translating a word. The application will analyze the implications of the vocabulary and quickly determine which cases to use for the user.


You should be able to speak multiple languages as a student, or someone who works in the international arena. This will help you in your future career. dictionaries can help you if you’re not confident with your second language. This application will help you to translate paragraphs or an entire text fluently in just minutes. This application also guarantees a fast and accurate translation for each sentence.

The application helps you classify words

Everyone knows that words can have multiple meanings, regardless of the language. There are words that have the exact same spelling but different pronunciations, and there are words with the same spelling yet different meanings. It’s difficult to differentiate and use them correctly in every sentence. This application will teach you how to classify words and determine whether a given word contains multiple types of words like nouns or adjectival words.

Create a list of your favorite terms

It can be difficult to transfer words between languages because they have different meanings. You may find it fascinating that dictionaries can help you discover many interesting facts about languages. This application will help you learn new words and terms. You can also save the entire thing in the directory to later locate it.


You can’t master language overnight. It takes a lot to learn the correct use of every word in the English language. This application will be a great help to you in identifying all language issues. It is a great tool for finding synonyms and antonyms in all languages.

Discussion Forums with Native Speakers to Discuss Questions

It is a combination of an app and a website. This means that’s dictionaries work better online. This application is for those who are curious. On the forum, users can find out about the issues they face when learning a new language. In a very short period of time, you will have an answer, and it may not be the only answer. You can also share your knowledge by answering questions that you are familiar with.

Key Features

  • This dictionary app can translate two languages simultaneously or in conjunction with dozens of languages around the world.
  • You can find out the correct pronunciation by looking up words. It gives the correct pronunciation in all languages.
  • Full text translation is faster and easier for users.
  • You can distinguish the types of vocabulary that you searched for. This will be very helpful in learning a language or communicating.
  • You can create categories and save your favourite terms in multiple languages to find them later. Dictionaries APK MOD (Pro Unlimited) Download

Now you can download Dictionarys for free. Here are a few notes:

  • Please read the Mod Info and Installation Instructions carefully to ensure that your game and app will work correctly
  • The use of 3rd-party software such as IDM or ADM (Direct links) to download files is currently blocked due to abuse.

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