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Wheel of Fortune MOD APK

Wheel of Fortune MOD APK Free Download (Auto Win)

Wheel of Fortune TV Game involves spinning a wheel and solving the crossword correctly to earn many rewards. This game is based off a popular television show with the same title. You’ll need to use your wits to solve the puzzles that the creators of the show have provided. The game is now available on mobile devices, so anyone can participate.

Wheel of Fortune MOD APK

You can win multiple awesome rewards

Wheel of Fortune offers a wide range of attractive and varied rewards. This is why it has attracted so many players. You can also get random rewards to change your avatar or character ,….

You don’t have to worry about not knowing anything because you will be guided by two experienced instructors, Pat Sajak or Vanna white through the exciting levels. This instructor will take you from New York, Paris and Hollywood to Tokyo and Tokyo and provide tons of fun puzzles based on the hit TV series.

Spin the wheel to guess the box

In this game, the player must spin the wheel to guess the crosswords on the screen. The answers are based on a manufacturer’s puzzle. To avoid boredom, the puzzles are constantly updated and added to the game.

The wheel will be divided up into multiple cells, each with a different amount of points. Whichever box you choose when you guess correctly the crossword provided by the software will get you the same number of points for the round. There are also many lucky boxes that contain gifts and attractive surprises. Do not get too excited, as if you accidentally hit the box where you lose points, you won’t receive any gifts or points.


Wheel of Fortune offers a wide variety of gameplay and rewards that increase with the difficulty of the game. To challenge yourself and to gain experience, you can take part in a variety of tournaments. The game allows players to create their own puzzles in order to challenge other players or friends.

You can compete against your friends and family through social media, but you can also play with hundreds of millions of people around the world. Prepare yourself to beat the other players by gaining solid knowledge. You will lose if you are not careful.

Join the VIP All-Access Pass and you will be protected each time you lose a turn or run out of money. You can also get many other valuable rewards. It is a free game that was designed by an American television show. The game is compatible with Android devices from 4.4 onwards. Come and test your wits against other players.

Wheel of Fortune MOD APK Download (Auto Win).

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