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Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim 1.8.02 APK (Full Game)

Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.9.01 APK (Full Game)

Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.9.01 APK (Full Game)

Weaphones WW2 Firearms Sim APK takes you to the new and authentic experiences of the Second World battle that resonated and changed the face of the world. We will bring players the most unique, iconic weapons of that war. Not only that, depending on the strategy and battlefield you’re about to join, it doesn’t matter how much customizing the guns by adding or removing a few parts.


What could be more wonderful than just relaxing but being transported back in time, witnessing such exciting and fierce battles? Now, you will immediately receive a collection of special guns, specifically those that were present in World War II, even though they are considered images representing the great war. Including the appearance of the Luger from Germany or the M1919 from the US.


Besides the guns with the colors of World War II, Weaphones WW2 Firearms Sim also owns many more guns that you are often familiar with and exposed to in other similar games. Specifically, machine guns, pistols, or rifles, and pistols are favored for the player’s experience. You can proceed to resize them so that you can put all the control and control at your fingertips.


Not stopping there, Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim APK won’t make you forced to use the original gun you received. We allow players to express their unlimited creativity by modifying guns, giving them a new look, new function, and personal style. Specifically, players can add bayonets or add more viewfinders, or you can even add an iPad; it doesn’t matter.


If you are a rookie who has just joined this scary empire and still encounters many surprises in the gameplay as well as how to use the guns, don’t give up.. You can rest assured that we take care of every gamer in every detail. Therefore, this game has created a separate area for beginners. There are videos with animated scenes that guide each step so that players can confidently set foot on the battlefield.


The reason we make you feel like you’ve stepped into a real war is that besides being fought in real-time, Weaphones™ WW2 will give you a different experience on sound and picture. First of all, when you proceed to attack with bullets, the sound emitted by each gun is also different and highly realistic, making you more interested than ever. Not stopping there, visually, clouds of smoke surround you after the attacks occur.

In addition, we lead you to an even more enjoyable experience with the appearance of Flash. Weaphones™ WW2 combined with a mobile device’s live flash will signal when attacked. In addition, the actual barrel recoil also makes you gasp in surprise.

A full version program for Android:

Experience the weapons of World War II like never before with Weaphones. From the high-definition pistols, rifles, and machine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics mixed with realistic smoke, recoil, muzzle flash, and sound effects, Weaphones is all about realism. Everything is customizable to suit the user and rotatable and flippable controls allow you to play on your device the way you want.

The first-person shooter (FPS) is the most popular genre in video games and has been the mainstay of the gaming industry for many years. Now, with the evolution of mobile devices and the increasing popularity of online multiplayer games, the FPS genre is showing signs of slowing down. The player can change the game environment by changing the game’s settings, or by interacting with the environment. He can use a variety of weapons, armor, tools, and other items that are available in the game environment.

The player is usually required to perform the actions of the character to advance in the game. If the player fails to act, or if the player does not have the required amount of health, the game will be over.


  • Immerse yourself in the world of World War II to experience unlimited bullets.
  • A unique opportunity to own the typical guns of the field war.
  • Free customization of the gun, such as removing or adding a bayonet scope.
  • Provides animations that are extremely easy to understand and visualize before newcomers officially enter.
  • Proceed to change the gun size or change the position of the position to be most convenient for each attack.

Additional features

Learning and Reference:

  • Weapon Information: Detailed in-game descriptions or informational sections could provide historical background, technical specifications.
  • Interactive Tutorials: Beyond basic step-by-step tutorials, the game might offer interactive tutorials that challenge you to perform specific tasks.
  • Ballistics Information (uncertain): An advanced feature could show the bullet trajectory and penetration power of different weapons.

Customization and Challenge:

  • Difficulty Levels: The game might offer difficulty levels that adjust factors like weapon malfunctions, time pressure, or enemy presence.
  • Challenge Modes (uncertain): Timed challenges, accuracy tests, or specific target practice scenarios could push your skills and test your mastery of different firearms.
  • Place/range): A virtual shooting range could allow you to practice with different firearms at your own pace and without time constraints.

Additional Features (possible):

  • Weapon Collections: Completing challenges or achieving milestones could unlock new weapons, allowing you to build a virtual armory of iconic WW2 firearms.
  • Weapon Upgrades (uncertain): An advanced feature might allow customization of weapon parts like sights or grips, adding a personalization element.
  • Weapon Soundscapes: High-fidelity audio recordings of real weapon firing sounds and weapon handling could enhance the immersive experience.


Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.9.01 APK (Full Game)


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