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Trucks Off Road

Trucks Off Road MOD APK [MOD / Free Shopping]

Trucks Off-Road opens the field for truck drivers to drive on varied terrain. The game comes with a touch controller. You can also customize the shape of the car in the repair shop. When you have enough coins, you can replace spare parts. You will encounter steep, muddy and rocky terrain. You will receive prestigious trophies for overcoming the challenges.

Trucks Off Road


Trucks Off-Road players will receive essential truck accessories. The collection contains 400 parts to help you customize your truck. Use super cool stickers to make your car even more unique. To make your car more comfortable on bumpy roads, change the engine. You will be surprised by the durability of your wheels, which is an important aspect in any racing vehicle. You can then share your creation on social media for friends to view.

Trucks Off Road

Explore the fun modes of the game

For your first single-mode journey, Trucks Off-Road will create a muddy terrain with simple obstacles. This mode is more suitable for practice to get you used to the speed of the race. You can make pro mode more difficult by upgrading. The games can be more challenging for players. The players will become accustomed to the high speed and engine problems.

Battle tables were created in different modes for players to compete in this racing strategy game. You can choose from Freestyle, Circuit Racing Drag Racing Mud Bogging and Open Play. All of them will be difficult and require speed and steady technique. You’ll be able to learn new techniques faster when you are faced with the anxiety of your opponent.

Trucks Off Road


You will be overwhelmed by the terrain, which is steep and mud-filled. This series of challenges will help you to gain experience for matches against other players. Make accurate decisions and accurately assess the situation when you are in a difficult situation.

Look at the leaderboard to find out more about your ranking in tournaments. After each experience, your activity will be accumulated and you’ll earn points. The number of obstacles and traps will increase as well as the challenges. This fun can only be experienced with a high-speed internet connection.

Trucks Off Road


Trucks Off Road is a professional off-road racing game. Players can enjoy the most realistic experience with graphics and sound engineering. The cloud will save all information related to the account for the next login, if you give permission. Enjoy the thrill of these challenging races, and the slow-motion videos that show the engine overcoming obstacles.

Trucks Off Road

Key Features

  • The device offers a unique off-road racing simulation when equipped with professional touch controls.
  • Let your imagination run wild with your very own racing car design.
  • Discover the ultimate collection of racing upgrades and accessories.
  • Challenge yourself with ramps, spike tracks, mud pits and other special challenges.
  • Slow-motion footage will be shown as you navigate through an obstacle course.

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