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Tokaido v1.18.3 APK (Full Game)

Tokaido ™ is a game that allows players to experience the Japanese culture through the games they play. The player will be able to explore different locations and take part in activities such as purchasing souvenirs or staying at Inns. There are also many ways to get more points to win the game.


You will be amazed at the quality of the game, the graphics and the layout. This game simulates players visiting many places in an ancient tourist region with many interesting locations. The players can then learn more about the places and collect interesting experiences. You will play not alone, but with other players.

The players will choose five characters at the start of the game. They will all have interesting forms typical of Japanese culture. For those new to the game there will also be a character that will help them understand the basic mechanics. There are also tourist spots in front of the player that offer different experiences.

Explore the most impressive tourist attractions

Tokaido ™ allows players to play board games with others and watch them as they move each time it is their turn. As a boardgame, players will strive to win. The most important factor in determining a player’s win is the number of experience points. These experience points are derived from your interactions and actions.

You can purchase souvenirs in the first shop you visit. You will see the souvenir you selected in your inventory. From this item you can find out how many points you’ve earned. You will try to earn as many points possible, because you will have different combinations of souvenirs that will create different effects.

It is worth noting that the game has many different types of locations. They all have other interesting effects as well, like offering players items they can purchase or giving a character a specific number of points. You can get three points if you visit the hot spring. Inns, for example, must be passed through by other players.


Tokaido ™ offers many different ways for players to earn points. However, players must be cautious when collecting these points. The first thing that players do is collect many items from the same set. This will result in a different value depending on how many items are in the set and what they contain. The second souvenir that is a completely different type than the first one will receive three points. A third different type of souvenir will get five points. And a maximum four different types of souvenirs will earn seven.

You can decide to purchase something when you visit a certain place. For example, you may choose to eat food or buy a souvenir. The player decides, but if they choose an active experience then you are sure to be able get more points. You can also eat the exact same dish twice and receive 6 points.

The players will experience a captivating journey as they discover Japanese culture.

  • The players will take on the role of one of five tourists, and they can explore tourist attractions and choose the activities that they wish to do.
  • At each location, you can shoot specific items. The player will then get points that increase over time.
  • The ultimate goal of the game is to collect as many points from your activities as possible.
  • The number of points that are awarded to players will depend on the number of souvenirs and their characteristics.
  • The player can choose to implement the activity at his or her discretion.

Tokaido v1.18.3 APK (Full Game) Download

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