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The Legend of Neverland

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The Legend of Neverland has a unique appearance with flowers that bring happiness and secret sources of magic. The players will immerse themselves in this unique plot and journey through the strange world. You need to have the courage to save the flower, the wisdom of understanding the whispers from the trees, and the perfect plan to enjoy this relaxing journey.

The Legend of Neverland

Special Co-operation with DIVIDERS of the Land

The Legend of Neverland has girls who rule the land with mysterious energy sources and are reborn as flowers in human forms. Training classes were opened due to the invasion by some bad guys. You are one the most elite students at the academy. You can choose the quests that you wish to learn and get them from great friends.

You can choose from a variety of classes that teach specific skills. You are not limited to these classes. Freedom will be stressed, and you may choose any content that you like. After you are satisfied with your class transition, you may demonstrate your skills and let the hierarchy grade you. You will stay in this magical world for longer because of the uniqueness of the lessons.

The Legend of Neverland


The Legend of Neverland is not complete without the shaping. You cannot allow duplication to occur. Players can enjoy a colorful collection. Rest assured that only one person can receive each outfit. Faces and hairstyles can be easily distinguished by the different styles of tables. Create the character you want using your imagination.

The Legend of Neverland


The Legend of Neverland offers many places to explore. Players can freely enter and leave places like ruins, kingdoms and rest areas. We let you select a friend to join you on your journey. You will gradually learn the secrets of this land, and you will discover who is hiding in this place to destroy it. When you are qualified, take on the bad guys!

Players can also try out a happier life by sharing happy moments with their loved ones. You can live anonymously and create a new story each day. You can try fishing, catching bugs, cooking, and mining ingredients. This virtual world is all about you. You can take a rest and all the resources you have collected will be automatically stored in your wallet.

The Legend of Neverland

Explore Special Things

The Legend of Neverland continues to tell more exciting stories about your exploration of this mysterious land. You and your opponent will engage in intense battles after thrilling stories about unique flowers. Fishing, cooking, and exploring the world can be done in peace. Leave your review to experience more in an adventure game.

The Legend of Neverland

Key Features

  • Discover a world of mystery and fairy tales featuring humans and magical plants.
  • Stop the plot to rid the world of evil forces.
  • Take part in classroom activities that will help you better understand the current situation around the world.
  • Save people from unnecessary trouble.
  • Earn money by building a peaceful home life.

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