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Text or Die MOD APK

Text or Die MOD APK Free Download (All Unlock, AD-Free)

Brain Test is a brain hacking game. It’s different from normal puzzle games. The players must solve and hide deeply beneath each object or word on the screen. Play with your friends to speed up the process. The game helps players to solve problems from many angles, and not just in one. This game is not only challenging but also fun. You can laugh at the humor after you know the answer. Relaxing your mind is a great way to unwind. You can play this challenging and fun game.

The rules of this game are as follows:

Download the game, and then click on Play to start playing. You must read the questions, and then look at the suggestions or objects displayed on the screen in order to get the correct answer. You will also have to answer questions by tapping or shaking your phone repeatedly.


The player is floating with his friends on a cool, blue ocean. It looks like people are enjoying a picnic, or traveling, but the story behind it is one that very few people are aware of. If you’re in the picture, we will tell a story that is exciting to the marketer. Under that sea, there are giant sharks who are starving because they lack food. You can be a target if you are given the chance.

Solve puzzles quickly and accurately

The story gives you and your opponents a very urgent task to prevent your body from falling in the water. Text or Die challenges the player to solve a puzzle to upgrade the cannon. You have to be quick to solve the puzzle because the rescue tower sinks as the time passes.

If you can solve the puzzles for as long as you can, your skills will improve. The tower will grow as the answer becomes longer. After each answer the player will know your ranking in comparison to the other players. Keep your life longer than your opponent in order to avoid being watched and eaten by the shark.

Limited HINT Collection

Text or Die starts with simple questions that will allow players to adapt to the game and learn how to solve puzzles. As you progress, the difficulty of the puzzles will increase, forcing you to think twice before answering. There is an infinite amount of knowledge in the world, so it’s inevitable that players will encounter some difficulties. Our excellent recommendation system will work to your full potential in order to help you succeed.

Immerse yourself into a world full of puzzles ranging from simple to complex, with multiple areas.
Use tips only when they are absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you will waste money later.
– Compete against other players representing different countries around the globe.
– Use your brains to get the answers you need as quickly and accurately as possible.
Avoid the attack of sharks that are waiting to see you enter the ocean.

Text or Die v17.0.1 MOD APK (Unlocked All/AD-Free) Download

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