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Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK

Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK Free Download (Unlimited Diamonds)

Tap Tap Dig 2 has a brand new look, with noticeable improvements in content and graphics. Now you will lead Prospector Pete Jr. and then let them communicate in the planet core. Everyone will then dig together until they reach the deepest depth. As a reward, coins, diamonds and food will be given out during the flexible hand activity. Your mission will be to upgrade your character, and dig up a lot planet cores.

The updated version has undergone significant changes.

Tap Tap Dig 2 would be more enjoyable if the reward activities were continued. As a gift, if you have a memorable winter break, an additional amount of items will be received. To complete your character upgrade and gain strength, you will need to purchase some additional items. To register for this event, you must meet the requirements.


In order to go on a mission to dig deeper into planet’s core in Tap Tap Dig 2, players must know how characters function. Tap the screen and watch their actions repeatedly. Pressing the button activates new characters and starts their quest. Your fingers will need to be more active and flexible to reduce the time. If you encounter a few obstacles on your journey, simply press harder; the pickaxe will remove them.

Hiring more characters is another way to reduce the time. This operation includes 12 miners at different prices. You can also get more by licensing the promotions of benefactors. You should respond to messages notifying you about an upgrade with server-side controls. This activity would be more effective if you were the one driving it!

Fill out the Item Collection

Collect the items you find during Tap Tap Dig 2’s planet mining. The system includes a lab where you can research, change and exchange items for coins and energy potions. To make more products, hire more workers in the crafting shop.

Earn More Coins by Receiving Rewards

Tap Tap Dig 2 will add new rewards when the mines begin operating. This will give you even more incentive to start your quest to dig to the core of our planet. Quests completed can earn you more diamonds that will allow you to hire more miners. You can find some chests when you dig at a specific depth. They contain random items, so rely on your luck to open them. Enjoy the interplanetary tunnels and please leave a review after you’ve had a great time.

Key Features

  • Take part in the events that are held throughout the year according to seasons. The winter event, which just began, is a good example.
  • Create solid characters to complete the series of underground and digging quests.
  • Discover valuable items in stores and laboratories and innovate to develop them.
  • Collect coins, diamonds and energy boosters to fill your pockets.
  • Hire additional workers to dig, and equip them with shovels and picks.

Tap Tap Dig 2 v0.6.1 MOD APK (Diamonds, Keys, No Skill CD) Download

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