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T.D.Z. 3: Stalker v1.12 B72 MOD APK + OBB (No ADS)

TDZ3: Stalker lets players experience the brutality of a postapocalyptic society through mutated animals, all-human beings on the verge of genocide and buried human achievements. The game wants players to become underground residents and then rise up to the dry surface in order to achieve its goals. This game uses the latest 3D graphics to provide a realistic and enhanced experience.

The savage and forgotten wastelands

In TDZ 3 Stalker, the barren and wasteland land brings fear and loneliness to players who explore and go on adventures. The ground may not be full of valuable resources but there are still traces of humanity. Players can interact with NPCs and exchange supplies to continue their journey. The wasteland will become a scary place to live, as new monsters and dangers appear.


The first-person view allows players to enjoy the game’s quintessence, content and overall experience. It is the best way to enhance the player’s experience. The game features a customizable and flexible console with all the necessary functions for the player to move around, interact with the surrounding environment, etc. The first-person view has some limitations but it is a great way to increase the fear of the player throughout the game.


The mission system of TDZ 3 Stalker encourages players to keep going and find the last key in the story. Each place the player visits will offer a rich and diverse quest system, as well as many rewards that can be used to increase or develop supply. Randomly, some special quests may also appear in the wasteland. This will make the content of the game and its mystery more appealing than ever.


Players will need equipment to survive in a barren landscape. They may even have to rely on food. Players can trade weapons or resupply ammo to prepare for dangerous expeditions in the dangerous ruins. New equipment is added to the game based on how far the player has progressed. This can increase the difficulty of the game or give players more survival ideas.


Survival in TDZ 3 Stalker also has a realistic and deep aspect, requiring that players balance their stats to achieve the best possible performance. The survival factor in TDZ 3: Stalker is also realistic and deep, requiring players to always balance all stats in the body for best performance. Many trading locations also allow players to refill their supplies or establish a stable business.


Artifacts can be heterogeneous and vary in appearance, depending on the surrounding environment. This makes them unique, both in terms of performance and functionality. Artifacts are always randomly distributed around the world and they can sell at high prices. They are therefore valuable items that players should take advantage of. Some artifacts can be equipped directly to gain new skills in combat or survival.

TDZ 3 Stalker is a postapocalyptic game that aims to bring the brutality and hopelessness of humanity on a whole new level. It uses advanced technologies to give players the most terrifying and impressive survival gameplay in this unique genre.

T.D.Z. 3: Stalker v1.12 B72 MOD APK + OBB (No ADS) Download

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