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Swordman: Reforged v2.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Mod)

Swordman: Reforged v2.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Mod)

For action games, Swordman is loved by many people and considers it a great entertainment space. In essence, this is an arcade action role-playing game for players to engage in endless battles with powerful monster forces. In the role of a hero, players will have to use all their tactics to defeat all enemies and protect a peaceful life for mankind.

Swordman: Reforged


Despite being born a long time, Swordman–reforged has always been the favorite game of players who love the role-playing game genre. The game is developed in the form of a dramatic 2D platform for players to participate in many impressive levels. In fact, when participating in the game, players will have to play the role of a talented hunter who possesses many fighting techniques.

Swordman: Reforged


Players will be immersed in a world with a mysterious storyline, in a life being turned upside down with monsters gradually taking over. The player’s main task will have to find the mysteries behind these monsters to rescue humanity. In this adventure-action trip, the player will face many powerful monster forces that require you to have a lot of energy to defeat them successfully.

Swordman: Reforged


In this game, players are provided with many tools to create combat weapons. Swordman–reforged requires players to use powerful weapons to defeat those monsters ultimately. Almost its power is extreme, and players will have to spend a lot of energy and time to destroy them.


In this engaging role-playing game, the player is a hunter and must defeat powerful monsters searching for valuable treasures. There are secret locations for players to explore in each dungeon to receive rewards.

Swordman: Reforged

The game always provides excellent and impressive gameplay for many players to experience. By joining the game, players will have a lot of combat experience in similar parts.


  • The game is developed in the form of a 2D platform, hack and slash with many giant monsters that require players to develop a fighting mindset to defeat all opponents.
  • The player’s main task is to collect sharp swords to use them to adventure deep into the dungeons to hunt evil monsters and destroy them all.
  • The game has an attractive storyline with mystical elements and is designed on an exciting platform for players to control the entire game easily.
  • The gameplay of the game is mainly action role-playing in the form of a unique RPG with a lot of easy navigation.
  • Collect a variety of character skins to craft and build a variety of unique weapons to engage quickly with hordes of evil monsters.

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