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Sweet Home Design

Sweet Home Design Blast MOD APK Unlimited Money for Dream Homes

Sweet Home creates the interior of a house by combining square boxes that are the same color. Gold coins are awarded to players as they progress through the levels. The players can design the different rooms of their house in either a classic or modern style.

Sweet Home Design


Sweet Home requires players to drag the blocks of the identical color vertically or horizontally in order to explode them. Rockets help the explosion of colored blocks to happen faster and with fewer moves. Combining three missions can make the game more exciting. This puzzle game mixes explosive rockets with home improvement. With just a single touch, you can decorate your rooms according to your interests. Interior design and landscape are updated constantly. It gives an exciting feeling when playing.

Sweet Home Design

Select the furniture for your house in your own way

Once the player has enough gold coins to furnish the house, he can start. The background color and floor pattern can be changed. The wall’s color and brick type can also be altered. You can also place beads, bookcases, and crystal light according to your imagination.

Sweet Home allows the user to customize all furniture and decorations. To earn coins, the player must join the matching game by matching blocks with the same color in the shortest number of moves. The layout of the blocks changes in each level and the difficulty rises. As the blocks are combined, they will explode in sequence. It is a game that can be relaxing, but also challenging. You have to solve puzzles about how the color boxes move in each round. The freedom of choosing realistic home decor is addictive.

Sweet Home Design

This game has a lot of features.

  • Combine blocks that are easy to match or combine blocks together to make more rockets
  • You can decorate your house with many different options if you earn a lot gold coins
  • The player’s furniture is applied to a house that is vivid and realistic
  • You can get daily rewards such as diamonds, gold coins, and hearts
  • Play more levels to earn coins and unlock boosters

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