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Summoner Defense v1.0.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Summoner Defense v1.0.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever thought that one day your strength will suddenly be upgraded? Summoner Defense will bring you to this great war; you will play the role to become a mighty magician in this war. The war between the enemies who like to disturb us will take place in many ways, and that is also the enmity of each other. This feud will bring you to the climax of the war and the death that comes with it. Show all your abilities to gain power for the world.

Summoner Defense: Merge Kingdom – Tower Rush


Throughout your area are hundreds of enemies, large and small, and they seem to want to fight you. This incident will need a talented mage like you to show up to wipe out the difficulties that the game poses. Indeed, you alone will be challenged with such traps, but you can collect spells thanks to that. This spell helps you in summoning the heroes back.

You will first have to use the map to see the direction of the enemy’s movement and then come up with a remedial plan. You are capable enough and have enough technique to be able to fight all those enemies. More specifically, weapons will be provided to you so that you can fight the enemy and use new and new ranged techniques. Determining the enemy’s position is to help you in sending boxers to fight them.

Summoner Defense: Merge Kingdom – Tower Rush


After you destroy a group of troops like that, you need to try to get valuable items. Upgrade chains will be opened; magic stones will be provided to you. You win the number of stones and pieces that the game prescribes. Then you can open a new world and have a hero there. Collecting and summoning that hero to help you is what Summoner Defense wants you to do.

Realizing the construction of a perfect world with a particular domination machine is something that you should not miss. The more enemies you fight, the more your strength becomes surprisingly strong, and thanks to that, you win the key to the next room. Return and collect more pieces to bring the heroes back to your world. When the heroes return, they will help you fight vigorously.

Summoner Defense: Merge Kingdom – Tower Rush


In this war, you will face a lot of difficulties, and there seem to be situations where you are cornered. However, you need to use hypnosis on the enemies and call for the fox princess to support. This princess has enough power to help you overcome difficulties and has interesting upgrade stones. These stones are the amulets and saviors for humanity, including you.

Here, Summoner Defense excellently shows its super product. The game has the perfect combination of top-notch fighting scenes plus unique game modes. Players will always enjoy the historic hits of the heroes present in this world. You will receive upgrade rights from the stones that the fox princess grants. Become a talented magician and have the fox princess by your side.

Summoner Defense: Merge Kingdom – Tower Rush


  • There is a chance to become a famous mage with enough talent and temperament to lead this war.
  • Always use summoning magic to gather all heroes and brothers here for a meeting.
  • Share many outstanding skills with each other so that we can perfect all our abilities together.
  • Fight many great enemies and gather your forces to fight all the evil enemies.
  • Own princess for more power and big upgrade stones that only fox princess can save you.

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