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Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers is a game that will challenge you to an endless escape. SYBO Games has released one of their most popular games. A simple, yet popular gameplay and an exciting storyline have captured the interest and excitement of many players. Some challenges in the quest to conquer the exit force you to overcome obstacles on the track. You can also own valuable items such as keys, gold coins.


You will visit many different countries and interact with their people. New skateboards and the character system will be added in parallel to each new location. Your exciting adventure is set in Japan and specifically Tokyo with the most recent updated version. You can join 2 surfers in a challenge to overcome together.

Akira will make you feel at home in the magnificent city of Tokyo. She is a surfing prodigy because she never gives up, has a lot of perseverance and is tough. You’ll be able to walk through the streets in Tokyo, as per the schedule on the Sakura board. Harumi is your next challenge. She’s a beautiful and talented athlete. You must complete the quest in order to obtain the Meow skin.


When you enter the Subway Surfers world, you’ll transform into a very naughty teenager. You sneak on the train cars every day to paint graffiti. Eventually, the inspector will discover you. The inspector’s dog and your official chase begins here.

Action through every touch

Subway Surfers has a gameplay that is familiar to fans of the endless run genre. Start the game by tapping the touch screen. The character you choose will be ready to go at that moment. Each touch controls the character. A downward swipe is used to slide inside an obstacle. The track isn’t a straight line so you need to constantly move left and right.


There are always obstacles on the track that prevent your escape. The number of obstacles and the danger increase as you move into the inner rings. The players are always tempted to stay to the very end to get as much as they can.

Some obstacles are just as common as rails and rolling stock. If there are roads on either side, you can choose to dodge left or right. You will be forced to run on the train if you don’t move up. Traffic light poles can also be used to test you. It is not unusual to see barriers in the middle of a road. Some players are led into dark cellars to test their agility and endurance.


You can find scattered rewards along with the complex system of obstacles. Subway Surfers has also dedicated special rescues to you. The gold coins in a line are the most common. It is not only the keys and shoes that are helpful assistants, but also in danger situations, they will help you to achieve your goal. Jet bags, magnets or bouncers that have unique features are also available.

The items work together to help you escape from the inspector’s dog and his pursuit. The magnets will allow you to quickly and easily suck up gold coins without missing any. It can also take you higher, and give you multiplier points. Subway Surfers does not stop there. With the help of the booster Jumper, the character can be launched to allow the player to burn.

Daily Challenges and Weekly Hunts are the events that give you the best rewards and items. You can continue to participate in these events daily and weekly to receive free items, improve your level, and win this thrilling race. You will also receive 18 characters and 17 skis which protect you for 30 second, all of which can be purchased indefinitely from the shop at the location that you visit.

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