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Solitaire Story

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Ava’s Manor takes you to Blackwood Manor and Ava is the one who will change the appearance of the manor through the resources that she earns. These resources come from a series of enjoyable solitaire games with progressively harder gameplay. You will also create many combinations to earn impressive rewards, and you can spend money for help.

Solitaire Story

Returning to Blackwood Manor by Accident

Ava is in a depressed state when the story begins. The fact that she is a mystery author and has many fans does not help to solve her monthly bill problems. She could only lament her problems to her dog Marlowe. Then, an unexpected note arrived, which she mistook for a bill.

She opened the letter and knew it was from a distant relative inviting her to Blackwood Manor, a country house in Europe. She was also given a one-way ticket to Europe with the letter. This gave her the idea of what she should do after she had overcome her boredom. She finds a character about to leave Manor. She also knows there are many other things that she must handle. This requires her to go through many levels.

Solitaire Story


Ava’s Manor is a place where players can follow Ava on her journey with her dog. They will also encounter challenges that they must overcome in order to collect resources. These challenges will bring you a fun solitaire game with a straightforward gameplay. You will be presented with a series of cards, some of which are face-down, others open and the starting card at the bottom. To form an order, you will have to select the larger or smaller cards.

In this game, your job is simple: you must help the cards on the screen return to the initial card. If you’re lucky, you may be able to form interesting combinations to earn rewards. You can find an additional amount of hoards to the left of the card. They are very useful.

The hoarding cards you collect are similar because you may not be able return the cards because they have a low value. You can then tap on the card to receive a new one and continue your collection. You can also go back to your previous move if it is too early for you to get a new card. Each time you use this return, a certain amount gold will be required.

Solitaire Story


Solitaire levels in Ava’s Manor will earn you gold stars. These are commonly used resources within the game. You will be given a list with tasks to perform, and you’ll need to purchase gold stars to accomplish them. You will see the story unfold, and you may even be able to renovate Manor.

You’ll meet a character and, through his dialogue, you will be able to recognize the condition of Manor. You will then try to improve the Manor with your gold stars. You can change the interior of a place that you visit and add new things. The game offers you a variety of options and designs to choose from, allowing you to give your Manor a fresh look. This is a journey you should not miss.

The player and Ava will travel to Blackwood Manor.

  • Ava, a writer who struggles with her bills and the ticket to Europe has changed her life.
  • She learns about the Manor’s status from a character who is working there. She will then spend time renovating and exploring it.
  • You can calculate the amount of work you have to do in the game by multiplying the number of stars and golds earned during solitaire levels.
  • By spending a specific amount of gold coins, you can earn rewards by creating combos. You can also go back to a previous step.
  • You can add many objects to the game and choose the design and style of each object.
Solitaire Story

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