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SketchAR play MOD APK

SketchAR play MOD APK Free Download (Premium Unlocked)

Looking for an application that will enhance your art? SketchAR will give you a fresh look to help you unleash your creativity. You can sketch new ideas and images on your screen, and edit them freely. You can see art better with the help of many unique features and intelligent features. You can use the application to its fullest potential and meet all of your needs.

SketchAR play MOD APK


This application features the most advanced augmented reality drawing technology. This modernism will make your photos stand out, especially by creating a unique system. The front screen can be used to quickly create a creative drawing. This will help you to successfully present your sketches to others.

Add a BUNCH of Ideas

The application gives you new ideas in addition to its modern AR sketching function. The application will give you new ideas as long as you provide the required comments or requests. The application wants you to use your own ideas and transform them into impressive works to meet the objective requirements.

Sketching Steps: Hints

Sketches can also be used to create a series very appealing drawing steps. This feature will help you if you are stuck or don’t have a clue where to begin. This application will provide you with a series of impressive steps to help you achieve the desired result.


This application offers a variety of tools for editing drawings. The tools are constantly being updated and will provide you with a comprehensive way to meet your needs. You can also delete unnecessary lines and add new strokes to your drawing.


You can choose from a variety of vibrant color palettes based on your situation. You can select from multiple palettes and the colors will be categorized by their purpose. You can also use the color blend mode to create new colors.


You can use the picture frames for yourself. You must align each picture frame to achieve harmony. Your drawing will be enhanced by more beautiful lines when you use the picture frame.

This application helps you add a unique feature to your picture that will make it more memorable. You can add unique features to your photo and align them to fit this particular aspect.


In order to make a lasting impression on players, the application mentions attractive mini-games. You will be given a number of challenges to complete for each game you play. You will receive points and results that are commensurate to your efforts.


This application features a unique feature of auto-correction. It saves users time and makes a good impression. Self-editing makes your photos more harmonious, and the composition is more cohesive than before.


You can save your drawing automatically so that you are more confident in the end result. Drawings can be saved and re-used in a variety of formats.

Key Features

  • Instantly access the unique AR sketch feature on your smartphone screen.
  • Perform the tasks and the suggestions made by the application.
  • Spend a lot of time morphing and editing illustrations to suit their opinions.
  • Use the suggestions provided by the application to quickly and easily sketch out a picture’s composition.
  • Play the mini-game in the app and use your product for more private competitions.

SketchAR v7.02.0-play MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

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