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Russian Car Drift

Russian Car Drift MOD APK Drift to Victory with Unlimited Money

What are you waiting on if the player is a racing enthusiast or loves to transform traditional cars into unique masterpieces? Join us, Russia Car Drift? It is a chance for players to show their unique personality through the racing patterns and speed. Here, every part of the vehicle is ready to be customized by the player.

Russian Car Drift


We challenge players every week with new battles. This is a great opportunity to improve your racing skills in a variety of terrains. It also brings a variety of experiences, allowing you to see the unique work of other competitors. Weekly battles can be compared to waves which wipe out weak riders, leaving only the strongest of the race heroes.

Russian Car Drift does not stop there. It also offers you brand-new cars that require a friend to race with. With the new version, you have more options. You can also choose from the latest cars or off-road vehicles.

Russian Car Drift

Features to Customize and Change Vehicle Parts

It’s as if you were on a motorway when you first set foot in Russian Car Drift. Your empire includes a unique collection of cars, which allows you to repair and refurbish racing cars. The parts of the car are all displayed with different parameters and functions. The original part can be disassembled and replaced with a brand new one without any issues.

Russian Car Drift


You can choose from exhaust pipes of different sizes with varying levels of smoke emission. You can choose to have your engine sound like a lion roaring or a cat meowing, depending on the exhaust pipe you select and your installation needs.

Do you really need to upgrade your fenders?

Russian Car Drift allows you to upgrade or repair legendary noodles shields. Decide which parts you need to upgrade and which ones don’t, depending on the terrain. If you’re preparing for mud races, you have no reason not to upgrade your car immediately. The fenders will help you to make the other competitors smell your car’s smoke.

Russian Car Drift


If you want your rivals to recognize you by just looking at you, choosing only colors and graphics is not enough. Detailing is essential. You can choose from neutral, simple colors to bright colors. You can also combine colors with military or leopard detailing. The wheels can be painted in a variety of colors, and the inside saddle can also be customized.

Key Features

  • Immerse your self in the world of the most unique racetracks.
  • There are no cars in the collection.
  • Let your imagination run wild with your very own car, which you can design and upgrade.
  • Players also decorate exterior colors, such as wheels or exhaust pipes.
  • The weight gain and the internal performance are unmatched.

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