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Royal Match MOD APK

Royal Match MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters, Stars, and Coins)

The new puzzle game ROYAL MATCH will provide you with top-notch thinking and beautiful graphics. It is also attractive and appealing. You will become a brave and smart bodyguard. Overcome all challenges, and never give up. With your aesthetic eye, help our king to build a beautiful castle. Download the game and start your adventure!

Royal Match MOD APK


It is your job to align 3 or more identical icons or shapes into a certain shape to make them vanish. The more icons you can remove in a single turn, the higher your chances are of getting boosters. The situation will be dramatically changed by creating and exploding boosters. Each item of enhancement will have a specific function. It is important to choose the best way to make gifts.

Sometimes, the only way you can pass a level is to use explosive barrels, missiles, magic propellers, or even light balls. You can create these items and reap the rewards. Some of them are created by chance, but most often you need to use your own wisdom. It is simple to learn how to play, but it takes practice to become a good player.


You will receive treasure chests after each round. You can receive exciting gifts by opening these treasure chests. Take advantage of these treasure chests to make the next level easier. This game is not only about the gifts but also receiving and collecting coins. You can use coins to buy additional steps or enhancement items. Save coins and use them when you can.

You will get a better score if you complete the level in the least amount of steps. It not only showcases your skills, but it also allows you to get more valuable treasure chests. The higher your score, the greater the chances of you getting more coins or other rewards. After many games, your level will increase. You can then go back and play the previous round to get a high score. All players will wish for a road filled with golden stars.

Royal Match MOD APK

The OBSTACLES on the Road is a STUMBLING BLOCK to You

It is not easy to travel. You may have to battle magical forces and obstacles along your journey in order to build a permanent palace for the king. They can change or store the symbols you need to destroy. Sometimes you need to gather all the items needed to create a “passport”, which is attached to your door. You can overcome them if you are patient and have the necessary ingenuity.

Royal Match MOD APK


The levels are so beautiful and vivid that they make ROYAL MATCH stand out from other similar games. The plot, the character creation and subdivisions of the castle, as well as the background music, the images and scores are all very attractive. Both are beautiful, creative, and fun. This is an advantage in the game.

Connect with friends, compete and show your capability

It is convenient to be able play the game in offline mode. If you wish, you can still play online. Your achievements will then be updated continuously on your leaderboard. Invite many friends to compete against each other. There’s nothing better than being at the top of the leaderboard.

Royal Match MOD APK


The game will be updated every two weeks to keep it fresh for the players. Publisher will keep you updated with new levels. The castle will be constantly updated with new areas. It will keep long-time players entertained, while giving new players more options. This update will add 100 new levels, and also include a dog park.

Do not hesitate. Start conquering challenges in the castle of the king on the ROYAL Match day. Do as I tell you, download the game and invite as many of your friends as possible. Let’s start. It is important to keep the balance of time because this game is very appealing.

Royal Match v17302 MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins) Download

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