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Rodeo Stampede

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Rodeo Stampede allows players to create their own zoo and catch animals in order to attract more visitors. You will explore wild areas to find many different animals. You will also be able to change mounts and ride different animals with your skills. During the game you’ll also have to avoid problems and perform your actions correctly.


In Rodeo Stampede, the gameplay is focused on collecting animals in the wild. The first place that you will visit is Savannah. Collecting animals in the wilderness is all about bringing them to a zoo that you can operate. It is not a normal zoo, as it is on a boat that hovers in mid-air. The deck is where you will place the cages for the animals that you have caught.

Enter a world of pixel graphics that everyone will enjoy. Touching and swiping can also be used to move and catch in the game. You only have to perform these actions correctly and you’ll go far. It is also an important factor in helping you find new animals to capture and get close with.

Explore the Wildlands and Collect Various Beasts

You will want to capture as many animals as you can in Rodeo Stampede. This will make your Zoo more diverse and impressive. When you’re shot from the cannon of your airship, you’ll begin to move. Press and hold the button to create momentum. Release the hand when the character jumps out. You can ride the animal if you tap on the screen when it is close.

It is important to know how to change from one animal into another because if you ride for a very long time, an exclamation mark will appear. You will need to jump onto an animal in order to continue your journey. In the normal state you can swipe left or right in order to avoid the elements. If you don’t change the warning element, the animal riding on the horse will lose control. It may even crash into a stone.

The gameplay is similar to that of games where players run indefinitely, as they will constantly try to overcome obstacles and switch mounts. You’ll also need to reach the next objective when you see an animal that has the word “new” on it. You’ll have to manipulate the animal once you are on its back to fill up the intimate bar. This animal has the same actions when it comes to rebelling as you do with the warning element.

Increase your profits with the ZOO

If you fail because of an obstacle, Rodeo Stampede will return you to the boat interface. Many new animals are waiting for your capture. Your money will be used to build them a better place to live. You can see the changes every time you raise the cages. This will help you to increase the ticket prices of families that come to the zoo. You should not miss the quest for impressive rewards.

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