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Rocket Arena Car Extreme

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Rocket Arena Car Extreme (RACE) is a fast paced action game that features many intense and breathtaking environments for tuning vehicle fans. It will feature many different game modes that allow players to compete with each other. The game also features a stylish, versatile and extensive vehicle customization system that allows players to customize vehicles for different battlefields.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme


RACE’s combat vehicles are monstrous in appearance, but they exude fear when players drive them across large battlefields. The player is responsible for designing their own vehicle. This includes the engine, tires and armor, as well as performance and weapons. The game will set many limitations to ensure that the vehicle is balanced and suitable for each player’s fighting style.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme

A variety of game mode options will provide a fun and exciting experience for everyone when they fight with their friends on different terrains. The 3v3 and the 5v5 game modes are most popular, as they show the chaos, excitement, complexity and other elements of each battle location. During special events and challenges, players will also be able to enjoy a variety of special game modes.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme


The visual effects and graphics from the vehicles will elevate your surroundings to a new level. RACE optimizes graphics so that they are smooth and perfect. This will ensure the best possible experience for players, no matter what terrain or where they fight. Its ability to design cars is also precise and detailed. This gives players more ideas for designing stunning and outstanding vehicles.

Players will also need heavy weapons that can destroy enemies in a variety of unique situations. The game has a flexible system of weapons that allows the player to alter the combat range and vehicle capabilities in different ways. Each player can build a mobile fortress, or a small vehicle with a powerful firepower depending on how much capacity they have.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme


RACE adds random or activities elements to each arena, depending on its type. This enhances the overall atmosphere and delight of the player. The design of each arena, from cities to scrap yards to hills, is also intense to add variety to the gameplay. Players can select the best vehicles for each match before they begin and maximize their fighting abilities.

Events and challenges will help players find rarer items, such as designs or heavy weapons for their vehicles. The focus is always on online activities. This means that the number of players participating will be more dense and crowded. Separate challenges are a great way for players to improve their fighting style.

Rocket Arena Car Extreme

RACE is the ultimate in excitement, entertainment and action that will create unforgettable moments for all. The friends feature is another great way to get involved in the action and speed of the race.

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