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Public Transport Simulator - Coach v1.3.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Map Speed)

Public Transport Simulator – Coach v1.3.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Map Speed)

Public Transport Simulator – Coach will give you an excellent bus driving experience. Indeed many of us have wished to drive a bus by ourselves once, and the game will provide you with the opportunity to be able to do this. Coming to this game, you will be able to visit, study and learn how a bus operates and try to control it. Now, you will have the wonderful experience of being a bus driver with missions to overcome.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach


Public Transport Simulator – Coach must be a pretty famous name and known by many players. Although the gameplay is quite simple, the game has received a lot of love thanks to exploiting the player’s concentration, patience, and clever reflexes in any situation. Coming to the game, you will become a bus driver and complete transporting passengers to and from every day. The operation mechanism is similar to real-life; you will pick up passengers waiting at the bus stop and take them to the places they want. Passengers will take turns getting on and off the bus in the correct sequence and in a very natural way.

Even if you are new to playing this game genre for the first time, it is not too complicated to get used to. It can be seen that the interface to control the car is displayed with symbols that are easy to recognize and not too difficult. The bottom corner of the screen has two arrows so you can control the bus to the left or right as you like. And on the left-hand side are some other control buttons that you can use to operate your car on the road more smoothly and efficiently.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach


If you think that the bus is a means of transport, so the design of a bus is not too diverse is entirely wrong. A person who is passionate about buses will surely know that there are many different types of buses circulating on the street today. And the game has been carefully prepared for various designs and models for bus enthusiasts to choose from.

When coming to the game, players will be brought to a bus manufacturing and manufacturing warehouse when looking at many different models. All kinds of vehicles are prevalent worldwide, such as Articulated buses, Double-decker buses, Low floor buses, Long-distance buses, School buses, Electric buses, and many more moreover are present. And after looking closely, try to choose a bus for yourself and experience them.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach


There is no denying that most simulation games today have extreme and beautiful graphics. This game is not an exception when designed with 3D graphics that look very realistic and eye-catching. Help players feel like they are becoming a driver and driving a real car. Especially the outside scenery is designed quite like real life with bright colors that make players imagine traveling to a Western country.

Not only that, but the game also integrates a day and night cycle of continuous reincarnation and weather effects such as sunshine, rain, … more vivid. Imagine carrying your passengers in the middle of a shower or blizzard, which will inevitably make you worry about losing control and leading to danger. But don’t worry if you’re aware of it; you’ll be more proactive in keeping your grip on the wheel and getting the car to a safe place. In addition, the sound effects are also quite vibrant and attractive. You will hear the sound of the car’s engine when it is running or the sound of the passengers talking.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach deserves a good game for you to experience in your spare time. It is not only a game to entertain you but also a means to help you learn more about the operation of a bus and help you better understand the job of a driver. What is the bus? Public Transport Simulator – Coach.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach


  • The rare opportunity to become a professional driver picks up passengers at the bus stop and takes them to their destination.
  • Get the cash that’s worth the time and effort you put into adding more buses to your collection or taking an old car to the next level.
  • Make sure your passengers are safe on your bus by not speeding and following traffic safety rules at all times.
  • Make changes to the customer’s luggage door more secure by not allowing anyone to see them in the mirror.
  • The control system is accessible through the steering wheel with intelligent and straightforward buttons to stop the car or turn on the signals.

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