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PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.53.516 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

PUBG NEW STATE is an extremely popular shooting game. Many young people love it and have played it. This game allows you to play and meet with a variety of opponents. It is a very funny and entertaining experience. With hundreds of battles, the game is also very intense and fierce. You need to be calm and confident before you participate in these dangerous levels. You will succeed with your passion and determination.


You will be blown away by the graphics of PUBG. It is a very high-quality game, unlike some mobile games. You can choose any land to fight in. This vast and rich terrain will allow players to freely share their most epic and impressive shooting screens. The colors are vibrant and diverse, and create a pleasing and easy-to-see overview. This increases the excitement of the players.


PUBG will allow players to take part in intense quests that are designed to help them find and destroy enemies. This large, free-moving environment will allow players to be more flexible. They can also have the most thrilling explorations. They can also collect weapons and hunt for them along the way. You will find them very helpful in combat. You can also use the microphone to directly chat with your teammates if you wish.


PUBG, a game that is intense and attracts players from all over the world, has many different situations. You need to know your goals and stance to pass levels. Also, you must be able to learn and understand the fighting styles of other players. You will then be able to defend and counter-attack better every time an unexpected situation arises, thus avoiding any shocking situations. I bring some valuable experience.

Experience a world with multiple figures

PUBG takes you to many places that you’ve never been before. You will be able to freely move around and find weapons or ammunition, while enjoying the stunning scenery. You will find that each place you visit has a diverse scene, full of color and decorations. This is one of the highlights in the game and has contributed to its popularity.

After winning, you can get a lot of PRINCIPAL AWARDS

You will receive a generous bonus if you defeat your opponent. You can earn medals and other gifts that will increase your points. Sometimes you’ll be promoted at the start. This is a fun and exciting game that allows you to relax, relieve stress or have some fun.

Key Features

  • A Round Deathmatch is an eight-player deathmatch that pits players against each other.
  • Prepare for action-packed rounds by using a Playzone which shrinks when the contest starts.
  • Become the ultimate Survivor by sweeping the competition aside!
  • Sixty four players fight it out in a significantly reduced playing field equipped with guns, smoke grenades and a minimum number of Drone credits, respectively.
  • You’ll experience a thrilling and tense gameplay from the beginning.
  • Enjoy the “PUBG” gunplay on your mobile, which is fully optimized for mobile environments.
  • With PUBG’s innovative weapon attachment systems, you can customize your weapons according to your requirements.
  • New State Mobile features such as drone calls and assistance requests.
  • Use the new vehicles available exclusively in NEW STATE Mobil to move around the 8×8 environment quickly.
  • You can have a more immersive PUBG game experience by completing a few goals. These will help you to change the tides in your favor.

PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.53.516 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download

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