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Planner 5D MOD APK

Planner 5D MOD APK Free Download (Unlocked All Content)

Planner 5D allows you to create your own interior drawings. The programmer has integrated many creative and unique features into this design application. The application is always changing so users can manipulate it and use it to their design needs. This application records every action you take to create your masterpieces. Choose this product to meet all your needs.

All Needs Met

Interior design is becoming increasingly popular. Planner 5D is a product that was created to help users in the interior design industry. Users are attracted to the application because it is modern and sophisticated.

This application has many innovative features. This feature allows the user to generate new ideas. Based on user comments, the application will add additional comments and make edits in order to improve the content. This feature allows users to find unique content that will help them perfect their drawings.

Contribute Objective Comments

Planner 5D has a feature that allows us to give our opinions objectively. Providing comments helps users to improve their mistakes. Make the right judgements about how to improve the drawing.

The app allows users to draw their ideas directly into the app. It is easier to modify the appearance of designs and format them. Planner 5D allows the user to be creative and adapt to their current situation.

Attractive from Creations

It is easy to change the context when developing content. Users are attracted to applications with the ability to dominate, like this one. Users often adopt innovative solutions instead of following the application’s recommendations, which shows a positive response from users.

In some applications, it is difficult to change drawings immediately. Planner 5D makes it easier to change drawings. The application is constantly improving this feature to better serve users. It is the best way to judge your application by changing to view your own creations.

Users can see the drawing from all angles with a 5D viewer. This feature is what makes the application so special. Every user wants to be able to view the entire scene and rotate objects. This problem has been exploited very effectively by the application.

Planner 5D MOD APK


The viewing device allows users to connect and see the entire house they have built. You can easily view your designs and drawings and make changes to them.

Create the interior and exterior of your home

  • You can design the floorplans and layouts of your 3D house.
  • Choose from an ever-changing inventory of furniture, decor and other items to customize.
  • Combine textures and colors in a variety of ways.
  • Arrange your room using objects that you can resize and move.
  • You can change the dimensions of any item
  • Google Cardboard or similar technologies can be used to view virtual-reality projects.


  • You can use several furniture elements to inspire your design ideas.
  • Real-world photographs of the rooms and homes in your designs should be included.
  • Our users have created a huge collection of ideas, photos, and floor plans for interior design, landscape, home decor, and rooms.
  • Apps can be used online or offline to design your home and office.
  • You can use your home design on all platforms by signing in using your account, Google+ or Facebook.
  • The user interface supports German, French and Italian.
  • You can get ideas for decorating your home using Chromecast (screencast).

Download Planner 5D MOD APK (Unlocked all Content)

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