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Pixel Z Gunner 3D v5.4.6 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Ammo)

Pixel Z Gunner is a fast-paced action game with friendly and lovely blocky pixel graphics. It is constantly evolving with new and exciting gameplay modes that allow players to experience moments of excitement while fighting fierce battles against friends.

Various exciting game modes with intense pacing

It is advantageous to have a variety of games modes, especially when they differ in terms of style, pace, and the goals players must achieve. The ability to kill many different types of zombies within a short time frame can also impact people’s abilities or achievements. In the future, there will be more difficult modes of gameplay that will allow players to test themselves on a greater level.


The massive weapon system can be used to blast everything, or it can be used as a way for players to relax. Each weapon has its own special purpose to highlight a particular situation or to give every player a unique set of abilities. In every battle, players can upgrade their weapons and pick up new items. This will help them fight with more passion than ever.


The player can also mine resources to get more stuff. Metals can be used to unlock new weapons or trades in dynamic battles. The player’s economic growth is also affected by the expansion of the tunnel.

Explore more maps for hidden rewards

The sheer size of the map in the game will take everyone’s excitement up a notch. The game allows players to explore the map while they fight, search for hidden items and even venture into forbidden areas with their friends for fun. The reward value will change according to the difficulty level that is chosen by the player. This allows them to adapt their strategy for every battle.


  • A thrilling and intense shooter game that offers a variety of creative game modes to make it even more fun for players when they battle with their friends.
  • An array of modern weapons and equipment that can be used to either blast zombies with a wide variety of aesthetic weapons or to relieve stress using melee weapons.
  • Players can change their fighting style and pace by purchasing upgrades or equipment directly in battle.
  • Find hidden items on the map and have fun while fighting zombies, or trolling your friends in a hilarious yet dangerous atmosphere.
  • A mining system allows players to gather extra materials and trade them for unlockable items or upgrades.

Pixel Z Gunner 3D v5.4.6 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Ammo) Download

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