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Pixel Blade Revolution MOD APK

Pixel Blade Revolution MOD APK Download (Ultimate Power)

Pixel Blade Revolution will provide hours of entertainment for those who enjoy sandbox-style games. The game allows players to take part in new activities, and fight with an army of powerful enemies. The two main components of the game are to conquer dungeons, and collect lots of loot. This will allow the player to become the strongest character in the game.

Pixel Blade Revolution MOD APK

SURVIVAL GAME in the Sandbox World

Pixel Blade Revolution is a sandbox game that has unique levels to immerse players in. You know that many years have passed and the town has been recreated, but it is once again destroyed. Players must transform into pixel heroes to take part in a survival world in-game.


Pixel Blade Revolution’s gameplay is simple and combines elements from many different game genres. The players will be required to battle with their enemies in order to defeat monsters that are of different difficulty. Players will be able, at the same time, to select game modes that are suitable for their character, including producing weapons and guns, as well as using many different dungeons.


Players can upgrade weapons traps, upgrade with coins, or remove many legendary weapons that monsters have left behind. To defeat those enemies, it is important to have all the items. The multiplayer mode allows players to play with three different players. Players will also need to collect legendary weapons and conquer dungeons to be the best coat.

This game offers many more levels and features than previous sandboxes.

Key Features

  • This pixel-based sandbox game is a visual treat with a diverse sound system.
  • The game offers a variety of worlds for players to explore. They can hunt monsters, gather loot and survive in battles with monsters.
  • This game allows up to four players to play online together on the Friends list, for even more fun.
  • Create different Craft items using secret combinations in various game modes such as Survival, Arena and Exploration. You can also create traps for your survival.
  • Combining different items will create a new weapon that can be used in battles with your enemies.

Pixel Blade Revolution v2.3.0 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Speed) Download

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