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Pepi House Happy Family

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Pepi House has a doll world with many characters and objects. Players must explore this diverse and interconnected world. The links are revealed by the curiosity of the player as they use specific controls. Each room is connected by an elevator in order to make it easier for players to explore and move around the game.

Pepi House Happy Family

Experience Life in a Normal Family

The player can see different people living in the house. There will be several rooms to explore. You can explore them and find out what they have to offer. During the game you’ll also discover many different items that have a variety of uses. You will then be immersed into learning about each item.

The environment of the game is 2D and has characteristics that are similar to a doll’s world. This environment attracts players’ attention. The objects will still be able operate as normal, but not by themselves. You decide what to do with the objects. This game is all about discovery and satisfaction.

Pepi House Happy Family

Discover what you love

You will begin your exploration of Pepi House after you have mastered the basics. The characters in each room can be used to perform basic actions, such as sleeping, eating, or lying. The basic actions that the character can perform will also reveal new elements.

Pepi House Happy Family

This game is great for all ages, but especially young ones. They will be able to find old activities in the game that are close to their hearts. If the character is in the bathroom, for example, the player could take her into the bath to shower, to use perfume, to the bathroom to brush her teeth and many other activities. Players will be unable to look away from the objects and activities that they see.

The easy way to move between rooms is a feature that will appeal to any player. If you want to move a character from one room to another, you can put them in the elevator and use the up/down button. You can explore other rooms and learn more about the game.

Pepi House Happy Family

Explore different rooms

It is easy to navigate through Pepi House’s different rooms. Each room appears before you. Bathrooms, for example, have different designs and mechanisms. Objects you see interact with one another or with the character that you control. It can be said, then, that exploration in this video game alters the experience of the player.

The activities that players do are all related to the room’s theme. The number of items that they can use is also increasing. You can imagine how many combinations there are between items, items, and players. This is the perfect doll world to let players have fun.

Pepi House Happy Family

The game allows players to explore the world of dolls, and learn about the dynamics of a family.

  • The player can explore a house by choosing a room to begin exploring.
  • The player can perform various linking operations or give objects to the character they control.
  • Characters and items will have unique interactions, attracting the player to explore when they see a new one.
  • There is an elevator in the room that allows you to move from one room to another with just a single touch.
  • In this world of dolls, players will be able imagine the variety of items that can be associated with each other.

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