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Pastel Friends

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Pastel Friends allows players to meet and impress beautiful friends by giving them different items. The items are divided up into different sections and can include costumes and accessories in various styles. The player can choose to change the properties of certain items, and also select the creative mode. Players will surely be happy with their character, and they’ll share its photo.

Pastel Friends


Pastel Friends is the perfect game for those who love fashion games. It will impress you from the moment you play it. This game has a gentle design with different colors and effects. You will meet many beautiful and interesting friends. Your job is to make them more beautiful using the elements in the game.

The player will be given helpful information at the start of the game. It isn’t too complex for them. The accompanying images make it easy for them to grasp the mechanics of the game. There are many mechanics, and players must read them carefully before they can enter the main gameplay. You have a friend waiting for you. Help this character to become more beautiful.

Choose the elements you want

You can begin your work when you see the main character in the middle of the screen. The player will select the elements that this game has to offer and then watch as the character grows from small. The player must also change everything on the character to get it closer to a perfect version. This is no easy task.

Fashion games are challenging because the number of items players have is varied and divided up into sections. The sections contain many different items in various designs. From there, the players can see that this game has a large number of combinations. The game allows you to change the appearance of certain elements.

Users can also adjust certain elements’ characteristics to enhance the character. Mirror feature allows you to reverse the state of objects. You can also choose to have some jewelry and costumes overlap. This is done by selecting the appropriate layer in the game.

Find the mode that a player wants

Pastel Friends is a game where creating a character to suit the player’s preferences takes time. They are also completely absorbed in these colorful and stunning experiences and can choose the mode which suits their creative desires. There are two main game modes: decorate your avatar and decorate your friends. Each mode has its own unique mechanics that you can’t ignore.

Decorate avatar is often used to create the avatars that players want and then store them. In the other mode, you can also load multiple avatars to use during your experience. This mode allows you to customize the background. You will want to share the image of your character with friends after a period of creativity.

The players will have a great time when they meet beautiful characters:

  • The game is a simulation of a fashion show. Players can make their character look more attractive by using the available items.
  • The items in this section are divided into different sections to make it easier for you to search. Their quantity is astounding.
  • You can change certain in-game items through the layer and mirror features. This will make your character look more impressive.
  • The game has two modes, each with its own characteristics and mechanics.
  • After completing the game’s objective, players will archive their character image. They can then share it on various social media platforms.

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