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Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK

Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Overview of Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK

Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK is easy to use and can be used as a dictionary by people who are learning English. You can purchase the following products at this retailer:
You may find the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary useful if you are an experienced user of English. This is a very likely scenario. Millions of people have improved their English skills, and this has helped them in both their academic and professional lives as well as their personal relationships. The benefits are felt in every aspect of their life. The book is written in plain English to help people who do not speak English as their first language. It contains 86,000 words, 95,000 sentences, 112,000 definitions, and 237,000 examples. you can also download Dictionary.

You can learn which words are used together by consulting the Oxford Collocations Dictionary. You can make your words sound more natural and credible by using this technique. This is an excellent tool to keep on hand if you have to write essays or are studying for English exams. What other words could be substituted for “scenery”? Can you think of any verbs to replace the noun “challenge?”

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict apk

Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK of synonymous words and expressions, can help you express your thoughts with greater precision by helping you distinguish between words or expressions that appear to be similar. This dictionary can be found online at oxfordlearner. Do you believe that the word “pleasant’ adequately describes the situation? What is the exact difference between “easy” and “simple,” or what makes them different? What other words can we use instead of “option”?

Features of Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK


The goal of the Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK improvements is to make using the dictionary more enjoyable for users. Your needs for text translation, learning English, voice practice, and other requirements will be satisfied by the system. New features are thus released to aid in this process. The Oxford Collocations Dictionary feature is provided to offer text that flows together in English. When you have to construct a sentence or paragraph in a second language, your reflexes will get better. Additionally, it seems that Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus gives readers more detailed explanations of the distinctions and similarities across word groups. When checking the queue, you can enable them in the feature settings.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict apk


The Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK is useful for translating texts. The app is available to help you with this task. The language you designate will be translated for each word, phrase, or sentence that you type. Even when you are not online, certain features will still work. The meaning and pronunciation of the searched words are provided by the system. There is a mix of American and British English accents. To locate the terms they’re looking for, users can use the search bar. You can talk or use the keyboard to enter. However, people need to pronounce it correctly for the system to work. You may also translate images by hovering your cursor over bolded phrases or sentences.


The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict system organizes vocabulary into topical sections that users can peruse. Our goal is to make this collection better. You can start learning by looking up the content you like. Every topic offered has undergone extensive testing to ensure thoroughness. Users are able to favorite the content they want to save. You could bookmark important words or phrases for later research. This content can be accessed through the user interface and will be arranged logically inside the application’s space. Notifications can also be enabled, which causes the system to show the words you searched in the little utility bar.

On your smartphone, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict serves as an electronic dictionary. Users can strengthen their new language learning path with the aid of these additional capabilities. We’ll respond to your inquiries regarding word definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and other relevant subjects. To help readers understand how to use each term in a phrase, example sentences are provided for each definition. To enhance this little dictionary, the app offers an additional 86,000 words, 95,000 phrases, 112,000 definitions, and 237,000 examples. You are able to freely and unrestrictedly search for any content that piques your curiosity.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict apk

Learn English quicker

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th Edition is ideal for anyone who needs to use the English language academically or professionally. You can look up any words and how to say them, making it easier than using search engines. The only trouble is that the free version is limited, and you’re better off with a paid subscription. Your other option is to choose a free dictionary that has similar functions.

Version History

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 10th edition, version 1.0.5898 does not yet have any change log information available. Please check back in a few days to see if the material has been updated, since publishers can take a little longer to make it available.

Assistance with pronunciation

Besides supplying you with English words, the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th Edition has several casual expressions you’ll use in everyday life. It helps with pronouncing challenging words correctly, and you’ll see over 237,000 examples of how to use words properly.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict apk

More than 86,000 words

The full version gives you access to over 86,000 words, updated as regularly as new words appear. Even if you don’t have internet, you’ll be able to access the library of words on your phone at any time. Of course, that means it will need to use your phone’s storage to save the data.

Study a lot of relevant terms

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 10th edition, will also teach you synonyms, collocations, and common expressions for the terms you are studying. In this manner, a word will be easier for you to recall in the future since it will be connected to other words that are similar to it.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dict apk

Helpful idioms and phrasal verbs

For English speakers, knowing how to employ idioms and phrasal verbs is crucial since they lend meaning and naturalness to your phrases. However, many people still find it difficult to apply these since they are quite hard to learn and memorize. Android users can quickly search for all of the phrasal verbs and idioms available by using the Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK 10th edition on the terms they searched. As you are learning the terms, expose yourself to these learning resources right away so that you can commit them to memory.

Genuine academic lexicon for learners of English

For those of you who are interested, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 10th edition, is the standard academic dictionary that is advised for all English learners worldwide, so you may now study with great confidence for exams and English certifications. You may utilize any word you learn with tremendous confidence as a result.

For Downloading:

You can easily download this game through our link and enjoy it.


Published by Oxford University Press, the “Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK” is a popular English language dictionary. For a large variety of English words and phrases, it offers thorough definitions, pronunciation instructions, example sentences, and other language-related material.

Regarding the term “conclusion,” it designates the last section of any given book, speech, event, or procedure in which the key ideas are enumerated and a definitive judgment or decision is reached. It can also refer to the conclusion or effect of a specific circumstance or incident. This word is frequently used in both formal and informal settings.

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