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Out There: Omega Edition v3.2 APK (Full Game)

Out There: Omega Edition v3.2 APK (Full Game)

ou will be a famous astronaut and have exciting experiences when traveling through many different spaces. But when you get to the solar system, the ship crashes, and you may have to stay there forever. Due to your resilience, you have explored different dimensions in Out There: Omega Edition in search of leftover food and oxygen. And the most important task is still fighting with ancient forces to protect the peace of mankind.

Out There: Ω Edition


Even as an astronaut, you must be afraid of an unexpected incident – the ship stalls, and you have to hover in space for a long time. Players will officially begin their adventure in the galaxy with the fear of the incident. But it will undoubtedly be a memorable experience in your work. You can face death when your cruise ship doesn’t have enough oxygen or food, and this must be the darkest adventure when you come to Out There: Ω Edition.

Out There: Ω Edition


It is possible that a mistake in the operation of the machinery led to that unfortunate incident, and fortunately, your ship has returned to the way it was. Despite facing many difficulties, players can still overcome and adventure to many planets in the vast galaxy of Out There: Ω Edition. Players need to prepare to face more scary dangers, but there is no denying the excitement in this journey. Through here, you have more and more opportunities to explore new and never-before-seen spaces.

Out There: Ω Edition


Your space adventure will never end as we have created hundreds of dangerous adventures corresponding to 350 challenging levels. Each time you safely pass through each planet, you will unlock a new planet, and of course, the adventure will continue from there. The event you travel across the universe can shock mankind, and it will be the most unforgettable memory in life for players.


Not only are they engrossed in looking at each planet’s new space, but players also have to complete other side quests. Your journey will be a long story, and many different endings cannot be known before coming to Out There: Ω Edition. You will have many opportunities to meet many other aliens during your space travel. And you still have to fight with all your might when there is a conflict with the ancient humans.

Out There: Ω Edition


To have a truly enjoyable adventure, you should fully prepare and renovate the materials on your ship. But there’s nothing better than owning all ten of our spaceships and making fond memories of them. Players can choose any ship for their adventure when you unlock or buy all ships available here. Each ship will have many different characteristics and engine systems, so the experience with each ship will give you many feelings.


Your path to friends expands with other bizarre human beings inhabiting many different planets. Players can make friends with aliens while experiencing Out There: Ω Edition. You will learn voices and bizarre symbols to communicate with people. Don’t fight people as they benefit you in helping you defeat the dark forces.

Out There: Ω Edition


  • The space adventure is full of danger and darkness as you start with a broken spaceship.
  • Explore many giant planets in the vast galaxy; new planets will be created when you complete the challenge of the previous level.
  • Hundreds of dangerous adventures and corresponding to it are 350 different challenging levels.
  • Use ten spaceships with engines built from aliens.
  • Make friends with aliens, learn languages ​​and signs, and get their support.

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