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Omega Legends v1.0.77 APK + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu)

Omega Legends v1.0.77 APK + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu)

Omega Legends opens up new possibilities and concepts for the Battle Royale genre as it uses new generation mechanics and systems to entertain players. It also combines many modern elements to improve gameplay or create new factors to diversify the battlefield and players’ strategies. On top of that, events and activities will be all-inclusive occasions with lots of exciting content and mechanics for players to enjoy.

Omega Legends


The Battle Royale genre has become all the trend these days, and they all have many complex mechanics or rules to immerse players in the fiercest battles. That is no exception for Omega Legends as it modernizes everything and creates a Cyberpunk atmosphere throughout all of its game modes. It also introduces more exciting modes to create new experiences in the player’s career as a Legend.

The game will throw more than 100 players into a large-scale map, and over time the range of combat will gradually shrink. Meanwhile, the player can choose a random landing spot on the map, start searching for equipment or items, and progressively fight for survival to become the ultimate winner. Depending on each event or randomness, the feeling and excitement of the player will be deep, demonstrating the most important characteristic of the Battle Royale genre.

Omega Legends


Besides the main Battle Royale mode, the game will introduce other game modes with many familiar elements for players to relax with friends. Depending on each major change, the quest or the player’s fighting style will change significantly and create many individual progress systems to complete. Fortunately, all of the side-game modes have a variety of cool rewards based on everyone’s performance during the time playing the compatible game modes.

Additional game modes are regularly linked to major events, and the map or character mechanics will change to match the match’s tempo. In other words, each sub-mode is short, but the experience and excitement they bring are completely different. Not only that, many new characters or exclusive enemies only appear in these modes to change the gameplay experience or create new atmospheres.

Omega Legends


Before starting a match, the player can choose from one of the distinct characters Omega Legends introduces in its gameplay. They have many different skill systems for everyone to use during combat or build the perfect strategy with teammates in many complex situations. Players can also expand their abilities according to the progress of the battlefield to stimulate people or push them to become more aggressive.

The character upgrade system will take place in real-time while the game is in progress, and players can collect the necessary items to start improving their skills. After completing the evolution, skills will have a larger scale or performance than the original to make the battlefield more chaotic or dramatic near the end. In the future, the game will continuously introduce more new characters to diversify the battlefield with many outstanding and creative ideas.

Omega Legends


The guild is an additional function for people to actively participate in the many exciting activities regularly for those who like to fight with teammates. It is also a place where people gather and have dynamic interactions to create the best moments. On top of that, the fights between guilds were intense as the atmosphere and feel were both serious and professional every second.


The battlefield will constantly add particular elements to make players more active and enthusiastic when scrambling for resources or equipment. Omega Legends is not biased towards anyone, and everything is completely random, including equipment, items, and vehicles scattered across the map. While the war is gradually ending, many high-class weapons will appear to create more dramatic elements for the battlefield to become more lively and exciting.

Omega Legends


The game’s graphics are also impressive and of high quality, as it portrays everything vividly in a realistic but cartoonish style. It also has full optimization so that players have the most stable and exciting gameplay experience even when fighting in various environments. The most thrilling thing is still the subtle and refreshing feeling in the visual effects elements or the accompanying physical system to enhance everyone’s entertainment.

Omega Legends is one of the new generation Battle Royale games with a Cyberpunk-oriented design with endless possibilities in gameplay or game modes to give everyone a great time fighting alongside friends on harsh battlefields.


  • An expansive and dynamic Battle Royale gameplay for players to immerse in endless fierce and dramatic battle paces and atmospheres.
  • Unique controls and interaction for full utilization in characters’ skills and abilities to perform multiple strategies coordinated with friends.
  • Intriguing extra game modes to heighten the fun and satisfaction as players roam through endless skirmishes with random enemies.
  • In-depth systems to expand everyone’s capability in their career or progressions through the gameplay or personal development.
  • Authentic 3D graphics with excellent optimization for absolute stable performance or vividly visual influences in gameplay enjoyment.

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