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My Talking Tom Friends

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My Talking Tom Friends is a private world for people who are passionate about animals. The players will have to take care of their cute pets in order to get high scores. In this game, players will have to take care of adorable pets and feed or bathe them. Outfit7 Limited, the publisher of this game, offers players a unique and exciting playground that is full of happiness and fun.

My Talking Tom Friends

HOME WITH Adorable Pets

My Talking Tom Friends allows players to take care of cute and active pets. The characters of each pet have their own unique characteristics that make the game more interesting. Participants will have 6 choices, which correspond to 6 characters: Angela (Hank), Ginger (Ben), Becca and Tom. The idea of having 6 friends living and playing under the same roof is a great one. Participants will take care of cute pets and meet their every need. The players will need to take care of their pets by feeding them, washing them when they get hungry, and taking care of even the smallest details. Many people are attracted to the game because it has unique and exciting tasks that revolve around the life of the main character with his pet.

My Talking Tom Friends

Care for my pets

Participants will be able to experience the joy of caring for and constantly looking after their pets. The player’s most important job is to feed and live with their pets under the same roof. The system expects players to be able to complete all tasks in My Talking Tom Friends. Each character has different needs. The screen will show hints when your pet is hungry. You must follow these suggestions. When your pet is dirty, you can wash it or have them play some cute games. The toys will appear in the game and players can join their pets to play fun games.

My Talking Tom Friends

Immerse yourself in a beautiful world

Publisher brings to players a colorful and beautiful game world. Details that are shown in the game have been beautifully and vividly portrayed. The sharp 3D graphics combined with vibrant colors creates sympathy in the viewer. The publisher has created a system of detail that is both impressive and creative. The player’s favorite characters are prominently displayed. Each character has its own unique color and appearance. Each character, whether it’s a beautiful pink cat lady or a very masculine, mischievous and equally mischievous feline, will leave a lasting impression on the player. Details in the game such as chairs, tables and bathtubs are extremely realistic. My Talking Tom Friends has beautiful images that players will enjoy.

My Talking Tom Friends

Create your own unique home

Players can customize their house to suit their tastes and preferences, in addition to caring for their pets. The players will have the freedom to decorate and change their homes as they wish and discover new things. To change the look of their home, players must solve the puzzles to get the beautiful suggestions. The game will take place in several rooms of a house. Each room has its own unique highlights, which in general showcase the beauty of the game. The player will be accompanied by funny pets in all the missions he or she must complete. The player will need to complete tasks and earn bonuses in order to purchase cute and personality-based costumes for their pet.

My Talking Tom Friends will bring you a charming, unique environment. Participants will enjoy the experience of living with mischievous, and even extremely mischievous, pets. The game will allow players to demonstrate their pet-care skills and play exciting games. Publisher wants participants to create a home filled with happiness and joy with their pets.

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