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My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank MOD APK [Unlimited Coins, Diamods, Money]

My Talking Hank allows players to care for and entertain a friendly and cute virtual dog named Hank. His chubby and remarkable appearance will allow players to quickly become friends with him on the first encounter. The game also has many activities that promise to give everyone the best casual gaming experience.


My Talking Hank’s gameplay is a combination of amazing features and the player interaction with Hank. Hank, a smart dog who is observant and intelligent, responds to physical interaction from the player no matter where the touch the screen. Hank is a dog that needs to be taken care of with all content and elements.

Hank performs many of the activities that humans do. He needs to eat and drink, play and sleep, urinate and so on to be able to function. Hank can also be extended through engaging content and features. Hank will change his personality and appearance based on how the player interacts or treats him, bringing a more realistic and vivid aspect to Hank.


Hank will have the most fun with mini-games. They are varied and come in different styles, so players can enjoy them to the fullest. Hank is a unique character, and the content enhances gameplay while also enhancing entertainment for all players. The mini-games reward players generously, allowing them to afford the best life for Hank.

Change Location and Go on Vacation

Hank’s mood can be improved by changing the environment in which he lives. My Talking Hank introduces many different locations, with many differences in scenery, location and other factors. The trip may be exciting, but players will need money to pay for everything. Mini-games are also changed based on where Hank travels.

Buy Delicious Foods with Excellent Texture

Hank may be funny, but he will also have strong cravings for tasty food. He is especially fond of sweets that are of excellent quality. The player will need to balance his budget to purchase a variety food and even ingredients to prepare great dishes in order to gain more experience points. Hank is more productive when he eats the food, and it gives you many benefits.

Wear fashionable clothes and hats

My Talking Hank, as Hank is a fashion lover himself, will have a very complex fashion system that includes many different categories or genres. All the designs are from popular market products, and players have the option to make Hank look more attractive or fabulous by using creative costumes. Hank will unlock new effects and features if he is happy with his skin combinations.

My Talking Hank features Hank in a casual game with a friendly and relaxing theme. Hank is a character with a great personality, and he grows as he does, so he makes a perfect companion to take along on many fun and exciting activities.

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