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My Talking Angela

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My Talking Angela is a virtual pet care game that has become familiar to players, but with some new and exciting elements. The game allows players to participate in events that are ongoing for a certain period of time and collect new items. Care for a cat that has an impressive appearance can provide a relaxing and memorable experience. Minigames are waiting to be played.

Experience the Summer Day Event

This is the time of year when everyone enjoys their free time doing things they find interesting. This is also seen in this game as you take your cat on many exciting adventures. You can do many different things in this game, including wearing clothing that is suitable for summer weather and playing minigames.

Take Care of a Lovely Cat

My Talking Angela will immerse players in a world of wonder that will appeal to anyone. The character that you are caring for will appear as soon as a trolley arrives. The cat will have a white coat that is stunning and the words “Pet Me Please” which can make any heart melt.

You will soon begin to understand the mechanics of this game. You can perform all the operations of this game by touching, swiping or dragging. Angela’s issues will be displayed in squares that have certain symbols that correspond to the operations you need to perform with this character. You can also tell the mood of the character by the color and index.

Do the care correctly

If your cat is having a problem, you will need to take appropriate action. You will spend time taking care of your cat and giving it exciting things that make it beautiful. In the playroom you can interact with Angela. You can also comfort the character by gently touching it.

You can view the first sessions as a game tutorial. You will be taking your time to care for them and to respond to their needs on time. Give her the food she enjoys if she asks for it. You won’t allow your cat to turn black and will need to immediately take her to the toilet. Angela can be allowed to dance as she pleases and sleep whenever it is necessary.


You will also receive experience for leveling up. You will need to level up, and a system will appear when you do. You will find a gift box that is completely unrelated to the new level. These are the items you’ll need to open it.

You can earn money by playing and caring for your character. The items have many functions and are very diverse. One of the most impressive will be an outfit. Angela is an aspiring catgirl so she is very aesthetic. Once you unlock them, you can purchase anything you like.

Many IMPRESSIVE Minigames

You can also play minigames to earn high scores. You can earn extra coins based on how well you perform in the game. My Talking Angela has a variety of games that will keep you entertained.

The minigames can be very impressive, especially when they are not limited to a specific type of game. You can play puzzle levels in which you connect elements of the exact same color to make them disappear. The classic ball-shooting game with its simple interface and addictive gameplay will also be available. There is no fixed number of minigames because each game can appear in many different versions and events.

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