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My Magical Girlfriends v2.0.6 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Magical Girlfriends v2.0.6 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

If you are an anime lover, then My Magical Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is the right game for you. This simulation game about romantic love stories gives players exciting experiences. The game possesses cute chibi graphics and a diverse character system that impresses players. You will complete the level through your choices and realize amazing things. In addition, the gameplay of the game is straightforward and does not make players bored.

My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim


You will transform into a character with the strange power of being able to see the aura of others. One day, on your way to university, you see a mysterious glowing aura from a girl. That’s why you decided to follow this girl and find out she really has magic.

She has introduced herself to you that her name is Elise and gradually you have discovered her secret, so you decide to stay and help her. You will help her with her magic school homework and enter a magical world with two of her acquaintances. Then you get caught up in the battle between Elise and her competitors.


You will have many different options and continue the story of each character. You should read each content of the game carefully to be able to make the right decision because this game relies on the main plot. There are three main characters in the game: Elise, Effie, and Charlotte.

In it, Elise is a perfectionist and wants to take care of everything on her own without the help of others. At first, she will treat you harshly and yell at you, “idiot.” However, she can do everything the best possible with her sharp personality. And Effie is a shy girl and was mistreated by her previous owner. Elise found Effie and helped her with her mystical magic. As a result, Effie has lost trust in those around her. You have to find a way to open her heart. Charlotte is Elise’s acquaintance and cheerful person. In particular, Charlotte has the ability to bring laughter to people and make people more sociable.

My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim


  • A colorful world with unique anime strokes, immersing players in fantastic stories.
  • Interact with your favorite characters: make your own choices, shop for characters,…
  • Beautiful graphics with cute anime images.
  • Choice for each character: each character will have an exciting story of its own.
  • Simple gameplay and engaging story.

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