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My Cafe

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My Cafe is an interactive game that focuses on service. Players will be able to create their own coffee shop, and then spend time building it. It will take some time to build up your modest coffee shop to a large scale, and to serve different customers. You will be able to set your own prices for drinks and desserts. This will be an amazing experience.

My Cafe

The Journey of Developing a Cafe

In My Cafe players take on the role of a young girl who owns her home and uses it as a coffee shop. The problem is that the space in the house is large but the furniture for serving coffee or making it is not. You’ll be helping the main character to attract visitors and earn money so that she can develop her shop. It is also true that the players will have a long road ahead of them.

During this Halloween event, you will meet some fascinating new clients. Your guests may include mythical characters such as werewolves, vampires and other fascinating entities. You can also collect decorative items for your café because they have all impressive shapes. Your coffee shop will also change to reflect the Halloween event.

My Cafe


My Cafe allows the user to choose a table and coffee machine for a particular guest. When the guest arrives, your main character will prepare the drink they want for them automatically. You just have to watch their interactions. You should not ignore the conversational information because you can learn a lot from it. You will be able buy new furniture as your customer base grows.

You will receive a certain amount after you have served your guest. This money can be used to purchase a piece of furniture, such as a table. Attention: some items require that another item be purchased. If you order a display case for cupcakes, you’ll need to include a morning table so it can be used. The players will be focusing on the point, and you have the option to customize your cafe.

My Cafe

Earn a lot of money in your own way

You will get money and experience when you request a specific character in My Cafe. As you increase your level, new items, drinks, and desserts will be unlocked. You won’t want to leave your service. You can also use the money to purchase items to decorate your cafe. You can earn money in many different ways.

You can earn money by serving guests. However, you must first go through your list of drinks and desserts that you have served. You can adjust the amount others must pay by increasing it to a standard. The customer will be happy with a price that is fair if the amount of money you increase has a green background. Yellow signals that customers are considering buying and red means no one is buying.

Key Features

  • You can decorate your cafe however you want, hire and train staff, choose the menu and set prices according to your preferences.
  • Have you got a talent for designing? Develop your interior design abilities! This cooking simulation allows you to choose from different interior design styles. You can also arrange furniture as you wish and customize a coffee shop according to your own personality.
  • Create unique coffee drink recipes to add a little spice to your cafe.
  • Make unique coffee and herbal teas for your guests using your barista skills. Together, complete festival duties and guide your city to success!
  • Play My Cafe and compete with other coffee shop owners.
  • You like to watch a good movie? Romance? You decide what you want to do in My Cafe!
  • You will be able to help people navigate their lives as a real owner of a coffee shop. You can choose from several ways to interact with your customers in this restaurant simulation. Find out where it takes you!

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