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Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK Free Download ( Limitless Money)

Monster Hunter Stories is a great role-playing game. This version of the game lets you play as a rider instead of a hunter, unlike previous titles. The player is involved in a traditional turn-based system of combat when playing this game. This version will have some improvements that players will appreciate. This version includes exciting and equally fascinating things from small things to changes in large battles.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK


The game offers many exciting experiences to its players. The game has evolved, with new features such as hatching eggs and interacting with monsters. The player will also have to fight with them, use special kinship techniques and customize their appearance and abilities. The game has been updated with important features and announcements. When updating apps, be careful and always make a back-up of your data. Content version 1.0.3 has been updated and the stability level is clearly improved.

Play the story and discover missions

In this version you play as a horseman, unlike the previous versions. You can take on new and exciting quests. The players will need to hatch eggs in order to become friends with the monsters. The monsters you encounter on your journeys or during battles can be named. The game allows players to explore various environments, collect and confront items, or steal eggs.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK


Monster Hunter Stories uses turn-based combat. Both the monster companion and the rider will attack the opponent when it is the player’s turn. Both players and enemies can attack in three different ways: with power, speed and technique. Strength will always win over technique and speed. When one of the monsters shoots at the other, a fierce battle ensues.

Choose the right watch

Join in the battles of terror that can lead to either a catastrophic defeat or resounding victories. The enemy gains the upper hand when both the player and monster use the same attack pattern. Double Attack will be launched to completely block the monster. You will gain valuable items and experience when you win main battles. You can also do side quests to enhance your skills.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK


Monster Hunter Stories only allows players to choose from four weapons. The four weapons are Greatsword (also known as Sword & Shield), Harmer, Hunting Horn and Sword & Shield. Players can access different skills depending on what weapons and equipment they are using. You can use all the items you have acquired in battle, as well as the weapons above. Monsters can be customized by their features. You can also change your style of play.


All battles in Monster Hunter Stories begin with tales that are so exciting that they’re hard to believe. The story starts in a forest close to the village of the Rider. The protagonist, his friends Lilia and Cheval saw a brightly colored egg and decided to perform a fun, yet effective ritual. The egg hatched Rathalos and they named him Ratha.

Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK

As time passes, many surprises will also arrive. The village chief gives the hero the Kinship Stone and he becomes an official Knight. Both Cheval and Lilia left the village and have their own missions. Navirou, despite being separated from his friends, still cooperates. Together, they embark on an exciting and entertaining adventure in the world of hunting. You are in for a world of glory. Step into Monster Hunter Stories with me.


There are still fascinating stories. They must shoulder great responsibilities to bring peace to the village. They begin to research and plan revenge after our character is attacked with an aggressive disease known as Black Blight, and by many vicious monsters. The battle began when they met the strongest.

Players must devise intelligent plans to defeat the enemy and revenge them. They entered the world quickly and won resounding victory. This is a game you must play to discover all the interesting things.

Monster Hunter Stories v1.3.6 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) Download

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