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Merge Mystery Lost Island

Lost Island MOD APK (Unlimited Adventure /Shopping)

The fascinating puzzle game Merge Mystery: Lost Island will bring peace to the locals. To find the clues that led to your town’s destruction, you must combine items and complete assigned quests. The graphics and control system are also of high quality.


A young, ambitious journalist finds his home on a mysterious and enigmatic island. You don’t understand why a small village on the island was destroyed. You must solve puzzles to unlock the secret of this island. You will learn the secrets of the Island and the true stories about its inhabitants in order to better understand them and build a town using the available resources.

Mix TONS of Different Items

To solve puzzles, the main objective of the game involves merging items. You will be given a board with many different objects such as wooden crates and piggy banks. Also, you may find coins, hats or hats. Your task is to match the items. You must merge the items if they are not adjacent to each other.

Discover the mysterious land

You will discover many secrets in the large dynamic island that you explore. Find clues that will help you to understand the reason for the destruction. Rebuild the island, and create many industrial zones and factories on the land to provide a living for its inhabitants. You must use the available resources in order to protect the peace of the population, while also using them for the sake of the community.

Top GRAPHICS and Sound

The game’s main setting is a small island with realistically drawn trees and destruction. The game’s main setting is a small island with a realistically drawn land. It has many beautiful factories and residences. The puzzle board is also designed with vibrant colors and a variety of items. The game’s sound is a lot of fun, and it moves quickly. This helps players to have great entertainment moments.

Key Features

– Combine weapons to reveal the secrets of the island
– Explore the diverse resources of the land by using various fusion items
– Explore the mysterious world with a storyline that is exciting and features.
– Building and developing land to ensure the prosperity of the people.
– Beautiful graphics with quality sound.

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