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Merge Adventure v1.07.88 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

Merge Adventure v1.07.88 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

It is a game that combines similar objects to create a necessary object. Players will catch the field by combining seeds together to create crops such as wheat germ, apples, corn, and something else. In addition, many objects need to be combined, such as stone, wood, and stars. These are the things needed to develop the farm. There will be a bag of seeds in the magic field, and it contains all the seeds of the plant that you need to plant. When it’s time to harvest, you can use it to make delicious foods like soup.

Merge Adventure


Players can create corn by combining corn seeds together in Merge Adventure. Small trees combine together into a large pile of firewood. Wheat seeds will make healthy wheat plants, and the apple seeds will sprout to produce ripe apples. In addition, you can also make cement from stone and clay.

Merge Adventure


The ingredients are combined together to create the final products. Sweet corn can make food and delicious popcorn bags, and wheat grains can make hot soups and crispy pieces of bread. The combined silver or gold coins will bring bonuses for players to buy items in the shop. Stars that combine create an experience to unlock new ingredients.

Merge Adventure connects similar materials to create objects and crops for the farm. Players will create crops to make delicious food. In addition, they also have to create materials to repair the warehouse and the building. This is a fantastic merge game because it’s not too complicated to play. Animated characters and objects in this game are so cute. Players will grow crops like wheat, apples, and others by merging to create the necessary materials. Besides, players will collect gold coins to have money to restore the town. Moreover, you will make delicious dishes for the guests to enjoy them.

Merge Adventure


  • The classic matching game that goes from making ingredients to rebuilding the town
  • Star rating based on the results of home repair for the town
  • Can collect ingredients based on recipes to make delicious food
  • Discover new plant seeds in the seed bag and different items in the treasure chest
  • Warehouses and buildings are constantly being dynamically upgraded

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