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MARVEL Future Fight

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MARVEL FutureFight allows players to step into the Marvel universe and take on different characters. The player will be attracted by their sheer number and start the journey of learning and facing different types enemies. There are also many upgrades and powers to which players must pay attention and build a strong team. You will certainly not be able ignore the characters that just recently appeared in this new game.

MARVEL Future Fight


MARVEL Future fight features some characters from Eternal, a work that Marvel fans are currently noticing. Gilgamesh Thena and Kingo are among the characters you will find. These heroes, as well as their costumes, are based entirely on the prototype from Eternal. You will certainly not want to miss the chance to add these characters to your squad.

The upgrade system applied to the new characters is a fascinating feature that players won’t ignore. The tier and potential transcended are two notable upgrade elements. They give a character a new ability if it is upgradeable and require many materials and conditions. Thena is given tier-3, while the other characters are given potential transcended. In the future, players can expect to see new upgrade limits.

MARVEL Future Fight


In MARVEL Future Fight, the player will be able to control their favorite superheroes in various battles. These characters will be completely under your control and you can use their unique skills. A team you lead can have up to three characters, not just one superhero. You can then change your tactics to suit the object.

You’ll face a large number of opponents in each match. This can make it difficult to play. You can tap on your character’s portrait to request help from other players. They will attack enemies who appear close to you. You will be able take out your opponent quickly and effectively when you face the tough enemies in each level.

MARVEL Future Fight


The number of heroes in MARVEL Future Fight makes it a game worth playing. This is a large number of characters, which will only increase as time goes on. Players will have to take their time to unlock the character they like. Likewise, certain characters may have different versions that can be found. The players will have to spend many resources in order to summon powerful characters.

You will find it difficult to upgrade a large number of characters because you have so many factors to consider, including level, gears, tiers, potential, and more. It will take time to fully upgrade a character, so you need to understand their potential. Characters in the game will follow a similar mechanism to counter each other. You should pay attention to what type of enemy you are facing.

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