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Wordington is an interactive renovation game in which players renovate Emma’s home and meet with new characters. The renovation will be completed using the resource you choose, and the result will be visible immediately. You will also need to complete crossword puzzles in order to earn stars and money. Each resource is used for a specific function.


Emma will accompany the players to Wordington’s grandfather’s house. Her grandfather once owned a large house that has now been abandoned for many years. When you visit this mansion you will notice that it has an ancient appearance and its courtyard is covered in gold leaves. She will renovate the house of her grandfather and give it a custom look. You will have to work hard for a long period of time in order to achieve this goal.You’ll start by cleaning the first things you see, and then gradually move on to the other interior elements of the house. You’ll watch the character as she transforms the look of the house and makes changes. Emma’s journey to the house, where she meets new characters, is also followed. David is the first character that you will meet. As you progress through the game, you will see many more characters.

Change the elements in your way

The first task in Wordington is to remove the yellow leaves that have fallen and cover the courtyard of the mansion. In any renovation game you will need a gold star to be able to complete the task. You will be able to see what the next activity is in the section of tasks. You will make constant small changes to your home and create a gradual change.

Diverse activities can include cleaning up some unneeded items, replacing some with newer ones, and more. After you clean the first type of items, you’ll see that the area becomes more beautiful. When the player receives three items with the same type, but different properties, the change in items will be based on their decision. You can choose features that suit your mansion and you.

Participate in crossword puzzles to earn coins and stars

It is easy to understand because the focus of this game is crosswords. In these crosswords, your job is to arrange letters in a way that creates a meaningful phrase. You will also see how many crosswords are linked. You will then use your words to fill in blanks and the difficulty of the game will go from simple to complex.

Players will be able to unlock a box to reveal the letter if they encounter difficult crosswords due to their limited number. You will then guess the word you want to create. However, this tool will not be free, as you might think, because it costs money. You will need more money to purchase the tool than you get at each level. Use it wisely.

Wordington v2.0.3 Download (Unlimited Money/Hints).

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