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Last Pirate: Island Survival v1.13.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Pirate Island Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Pirate Island Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money) throws you into the thrilling world of a shipwrecked pirate!



This Last Pirate Island Survival game is the best pirate adventure simulator in which you will be the last survivor on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean. You will face many dangers and sea monsters like the Kraken, Godzilla, and more. You will need to craft weapons and armor to survive the vicious creatures. Build a raft and go fishing to catch fish and make an ark to protect yourself from the dangerous monsters. Sail the ocean and fight the monsters to survive.

There are different types of monsters and dangerous creatures in the game. You will have to kill them to survive. If you want to fight with them, use your weapons and armor to fight them. You can also build a raft to go fishing and explore the island.


Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is a survival and piracy game for those who love adventure, discovery, and adventure. You will get lost in the game world most authentically and, of course, talk about life. If you survive, you will not be given any equipment or food; To survive, you have to find food yourself and also make simple tools as a stepping stone to survive on this dangerous desert island.



Narrator: Captain Maeve “Ironhand” Jones, the scourge of the seven seas, the terror of the Spanish Main. You’ve plundered empires, wrestled Kraken, and laughed in the face of hurricanes. But fate, it seems, has a cruel sense of humor.

(A loud CRACK as wood splinters)

Maeve (grunting): No… not the Sea Serpent! Not now!

(Screams of the crew are cut short by another deafening crash)

Narrator: A treacherous storm, a splintered hull, and now you find yourself washed ashore on a nameless island. No crew, no ship, nothing but the ragged clothes on your back and the glint of a rusty cutlass in the dying sunlight.

(Silence except for the chirping of unseen insects)

Maeve (coughing): This island… it holds secrets. I can feel it in my bones. But first things first – survival.

(Determined music swells)

Narrator: In Last Pirate: Island Survival, you are Maeve. You are alone. But you are not broken. You will build. You will hunt. You will fight. You will survive. This is your island now, Captain. And your legend… begins again.

You also have to fight against dangerous things like Godzilla, ferocious bears that want to eat you, and zombies that threaten your life at night. It’s time to fight like a warrior. You have to do everything to defeat them to survive. Craft an ax or any other item found on the island as a weapon.



Survival Basics:

Shelter: You’ll need to build a place to stay safe from the elements and lurking dangers. Gather resources like wood and leaves to craft a basic hut, and expand it as you progress.
Food and Water: The island offers resources like fish, wild animals, and fruit trees. Hunt, gather, and learn to cook to keep yourself from starving or dehydrating.
Crafting: Find or craft tools and weapons. A rusty cutlass might be your starting point, but you can improve it and build tools for gathering, building, and combat.

Piratey Challenges:

Exploration: Unravel the island’s secrets. There are hidden treasures to be found with the help of a sea atlas.
Undead Threats: This island isn’t exactly deserted! You’ll encounter undead enemies like skeletons and zombies. Brush up on your swordsmanship to fend them off.
The Sea Beckons: While you’re stranded, the sea is still a part of the game. You can eventually repair or build a raft to explore the surrounding waters, potentially leading to discoveries.

Additional Features:

The Mystery: The island seems to hold secrets. As you explore and survive, you might uncover the reason for your shipwreck and the island’s strange nature.
Character Progression: Maeve gets stronger and more skilled as you play. You can upgrade her stats and abilities to become a more formidable survivor.


After a long struggle with fear and hunger, you are now a person with advanced survival skills. From here, you will realize that new challenges of living lie ahead of you, and continuing challenges will be against you. The game gives you the feeling of being a real nomad, you need to find food and water, build a raft to catch fish, make weapons to chase monsters, and more. his main goal is to survive.

With experience in Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure, you can build your survival skills in real life. From applying your experience in the game to building your great life skills. You know how to do everything to prolong life until the last days.


With graphics that give you a real-life experience, accompanied by realistic sounds from the character’s breathing, gestures, and survival actions to the sound of the sea, the misty forest, and wild animal monsters, you will feel more interesting, and more attractive when you enter the game. Along with new features such as in-game shops and items, new threats have been added, new island bosses, added currency, crafting balance adjustments, extras, new costumes, and antidotes.

The Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is truly worth the experience. It’s time to become a true living expert. The game style creates a realism of the surrounding landscapes and the images and sounds of the characters, which makes the player feel drawn into the game and become the main character of the game. Improve player survival with this game. Download the game now to extend your life to the last days and show off your gifted survival skills.



PUBLISHER: Retro style Games UA

GENRE: Adventure

SIZE: 263 MB


For more info contact us at, MODYOLOS


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