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Kryss - The Battle of Words APK + MOD

Kryss – The Battle of Words APK + MOD Download Now!

Kryss, a turn-based strategy game based on inspiration, aims to improve and develop the Scandinavian-style old-school style. Players can now compete with each other in the same puzzle and crossword. This will increase tension and encourage faster brain activity. You will be rewarded for each round of battle to give you the advantage in future battles.

Kryss - The Battle of Words APK + MOD

Right arm is a powerful weapon

The addition of new features makes the game more enjoyable. Battles with difficult levels have been added to test the patience and wits of the players. We also bring you Power-ups, which will be your right hand in conquering Kryss.

Each character will have a unique value that only it can provide. Will you be able make the most out of our special abilities? This will be the card that the player uses to save him in his career. It will help you out every time you are stuck or can even be used as a quick way to find answers to crosswords.

Kryss - The Battle of Words APK + MOD

The fun of Kryss is not over when the coin saves you on high levels. Players can now collect the coin. Players will receive coins after each battle. However, if they win, their collection will be much larger. Use this as motivation to find clues and answers.

Kryss - The Battle of Words APK + MOD


This game is played between two players. It tests their memory and intelligence while using the same image. Kryss will display blank crosswords for you to complete to form a meaningful sentence. The player receives only five letters per turn. After the opponent’s first turn, you will receive the same amount of letters. The game continues until the winner is determined.

If you’re just learning the game, time can be a challenge. After a few minutes of wondering and thinking, you can start placing letters in just one minute. At first glance, 60 seconds may seem like a long time, but later, 600 seconds will be hard to comprehend.

Kryss - The Battle of Words APK + MOD

Benefits of the Bonus

Kryss, however, offers unique and valuable solutions to players based on their accumulations since entering the world. Recall the rewards you received before. It is time to let them show off their strength and special abilities. It is possible to complete the word that you are looking for by using 100% hints. Moreover, the letter can be the same in every round.

  • Lost among the letters that create a perfect sentence.
  • This is a game that uses a turn system. You get five letters per turn.
  • You have 60 seconds to find the letter you believe is the answer.
  • Test your teammate’s reasoning and vocabulary skills.
  • After each battle, you will receive coins. If you win or lose, your coins will be doubled.

Kryss: The Battle of Words APK + Mod (Unlimited Powerups Download)

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