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Kingdom War MOD APK

Kingdom War TD MOD APK Download Free (Unlimited Runes,Power)

Are you a fan of role-playing (RPG) games and real-time strategies (RTS) games? You can enjoy Kingdoms War TD Mod APK, a 2D cartoon tower defense game that includes role-playing.

Kingdom War MOD APK

The game is played on the continent Fortias. These countries are home to many different races. The species of the continent now live in peace hundreds of years after they fought. The Dark Lord’s troops are killed by the human King, but evil will never be completely eradicated from the Earth. They wait impatiently for darkness to return once again.

Kingdom War MOD APK

A Goblin Army appears out of the blue to threaten Eradel. Prince Lucius and his friend set out on a journey to find allies in foreign nations. He will face many obstacles and enemies on his journey, so he needs the help of strategists. Towers will need to be built, Eradel’s army trained and heroics managed.

Kingdom War MOD APK

Kingdom War TD Defense Strategy Games contain many fantasy settings, including a wide human plain, rich elven forest, an alpine dwarven kingdom, a marshy dead area, and an ice-capped mountains range.

Perform! To complete each task successfully, you’ll need to use the eight new specialist Towers. There are four types of towers in the Eradel Kingdom: barracks (barracks), archer (archer), magical (golem), and golem.

Kingdom War MOD APK

Both campaign missions and a version of the game without restrictions are available. Top of the scoreboard can be a great way to show the world your value. You can also farm gemstones in unlimited mode.

Jupiter, Glacia Sol, Nyx and Asura can be relied upon for help in battle. There are several strong and capable characters from different ethnic backgrounds. You can control three heroes simultaneously to protect your realm. Summoning runes will increase your hero’s strength.

Kingdom War MOD APK

Around 30 different types of creatures are waiting to be discovered. The monsters are different in appearance, and the events where they appear may have difficult skill sets to master. The game’s Encyclopedia contains detailed descriptions of towers and enemies. Watch out for any threats to your kingdom and castle. Kingdoms War TD is here!

Key Features

  • Kingdom War TD includes a variety of fantasy landscapes such as the human plains, elf woodlands and dwarven mountain kingdom.
  • Perform! Use the 8 new specialist towers for every mission.
  • Limitless mode is a great addition to the story missions. You can prove your superiority by topping the leaderboard. In endless mode, gems can also be farmed.
  • Assist in combat by recruiting Jupiter, Glacia Sol, Nyx and Asura.
  • Heroes of valorous power from different races. You can protect your kingdom by controlling 3 heroes simultaneously.
  • Summon Runes and enhance them to improve your hero.
  • You will find over 30 different types of creatures. Each monster is unique, and some have special skills that can be a challenge to tacticians.
  • The in-game encyclopedia describes towers and enemies.

Kingdom War TD v2.1.66 Mod APK (Free Upgrade Build, Unlimited Rune, Download)

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