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Jewel Match King MOD APK

Jewel Match King MOD APK (Auto Win/Unlimited Money)

Jewel Match King is a brand new version of the popular national game Match 3. Players will be able to create explosives using sparkling diamonds. To reach the world of sparkling jewels, you will need to conquer thousands of levels and traverse ice mountain ranges or deserts. Use items to help you solve puzzles faster. As you progress on the leaderboards, you will become the best player!

Jewel Match King MOD APK

Create diamond explosions to complete puzzle challenges

Jewel Match King has a colorful and sparkling diamond graphic. This game has simple rules and a simple game play. The players will match three or more diamonds that are the same color and type to create an explosive. When they are near each other, they can be arranged horizontally or vertically. You will receive a score for each diamond that explodes. You will get more bonus points the more you explode. Let the diamond explode according to the challenge.

Players can also create their own items of support to help them complete the challenge faster. By combining 4 diamonds in a horizontal or vertical pattern, you can create a rocket that will travel the same way. You can make a bomb by combining 5 diamonds. This explosive bomb will detonate all diamonds in the chosen color. This bomb will not only help you increase your score by exploding a lot of diamonds but it can also be a great assistant in calculating the plan for completing the challenge.

Jewel Match King MOD APK


Each level in Jewel Match King will present a new challenge. For example, collect 50 green diamonds in 15 moves. You will have a limited number of combinations per level. The time you spend playing will be completely flexible and adapted to your style of play. The challenges are constantly renewed at various levels. The challenges are designed to be overcome by players.

The game contains thousands of levels. The levels are categorized into different areas. Mountain ranges, deserts, and snowy regions… conquer all of them with their challenges to reach the jewelled world, with its sparkle and brilliance. Conquer the challenges with a very long journey. You can play games all your life? With thousands of levels, you can play games for life. Try to reach the destination every day.

Jewel Match King MOD APK

Attractive Rewards and Support Items

The system will give you useful items like explosive bombs or hammers to help you. You will first be shown how to operate them. The number of gifts available is limited. You must solve all Match 3 puzzles to continue receiving these items. You will receive attractive items and bonuses as well as bonuses after each level. To get more rewards, you need to earn 3 stars. When you need support, use the items to make sure that they are there for you next time.

You can also use this bonus to purchase some items from the store. It is your money. Download, installation and in-game purchases are all free. Players can still buy additional items by topping up their game. With items, it is easier to complete challenges and your ranking will improve as you earn more points. Jewel Match King is a game of speed. Try to get as close as you can to the finish line.

Jewel Match King MOD APK

Key Features

  • A legendary match-3 puzzle with a world of sparkling jewels.
  • Match three or more diamonds to create an explosion. Remember to complete the puzzle requirements and each diamond explosion will give you a score.
  • Pass through the zones to get to the end – the jewel world. The difficulty increases as the puzzle becomes more difficult and the moves are limited.
  • To complete challenges faster, you can create or buy boosters such as explosive bombs or hammers. Purchase with store currency or top-up the game.
  • It is free to play, it can be played off-line, and there are no age restrictions. Enjoy playing for free forever.

Jewel Match King v23.1005.00 MOD APK (Auto Win) Download

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