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inCarDoc Pro Mod APK

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK (Full Patched) Free Download

ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi. This application diagnoses your car and provides information on its data in a fairly accurate manner. This application is often referred to as the best doctor for all vehicles because of its many treatments. Greatest. You can download it immediately and start using it to get the benefits it offers.

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK


This application will allow you to scan for and detect errors in your vehicle so that you can take immediate corrective action. You can also read vital data and status information. You can find diagnostic descriptions and have the option to delete diagnostic trouble codes that are incorrect. It is remarkable that you can store and share all your data when searching for services. We will help you to control and manage car-related problems.

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK

It provides and gives users very detailed real-time specifications

It is possible to view and read the OBD2 parameters on your vehicle from anywhere. You can get specific information on the vehicle, such as speed, revs and pressure. It is convenient and you can save time by not having to ask questions or do research. The pre-drawn charts also are unique and very detailed. This list includes every vehicle model, year, and type. You can view it whenever you like.

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK


Calculate and track data accurately by entering the calculator mode. This innovative feature allows you to display and monitor the consumption of fuel in your vehicle. You will then be able to determine how much fuel your car uses and come up with ways to reduce it. This information is updated every day and on every trip. It also appears in other statistics. When you need to get your calculations as accurate as possible, use engine displacement and volumetric efficiencies.

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK

Keep a record of the vehicle process

You already have an application that keeps track of everything that happens to your vehicle. This application records all the information about your car and keeps you updated on its progress over time. This information is rewritten and includes fuel, service records of vital importance, a schedule for car maintenance, and diagnostics. You can also register a user account and upload data from this application on the internet.

The INTERFACE MODE is designed

The manufacturer has created a sharp, clear interface for users. The interface will satisfy and delight most people. It is a simple interface, but it has an elegant style. All the necessary information is presented in full detail. The parameter charts also detail every stage and each process. The parameters have been arranged in a way that makes it easier for the players to understand and read, thus avoiding any confusion.

inCarDoc Pro Mod APK


This app can be identified by its history even when it is in the background. In addition, various GPS parameters have been added to enhance search and expand services. You can also save your photos, documents, and media for easy viewing and reviewing. The application is also linked to the Bluetooth system, which facilitates communication with the scanner. It is connected to the Internet and will help users publish records directly. Users can also draw between apps to show specific economies. Download this game and join now to track and discover the exact route of the vehicle.


Before purchasing the software it is recommended to check compatibility with your vehicle using the accessible version inCarDoc. This will ensure that the scanner and the vehicle are both compatible. It is required that you have an ELM327 scanner or one compatible with it. The app supports OBD-II, GPS-only and Demo modes. The limited functionality is only available in GPS mode. Included in these features are speed and altitude.

Pro Version Features

The inCarDoc pro app offers several advanced features such as the lack of advertisements, recording real-time parameters and the ability to display recorded parameter traces. It also supports GPS traces and uploads to the server The app also provides an overlay which can be used to display current economic data over any application screen.

Car Diagnostics

This application is a fault code OBD2 scanner. It checks the condition of your check engine (MIL), identifies descriptions and removes any diagnostic problem codes that you may have stored. You can store diagnostic data when you search for repair or service assistance. This data can be exchanged with others. Note that this app supports only parameters and ECUs defined by the OBD-II standards. These parameters and ECUs are related to engine and emissions systems.

Real-Time Measurements

The inCarDoc Pro application can read PIDs in real time from automotive sensors. The PIDs are speed, rotation (RPM), temperature, pressure, oxygen sensors and other PIDs. The app offers chart drawing, analog and digital widgets, and the list of OBD2 parameters scanned depends on your vehicle’s make, model and year.


This application has a Trip Computer Mode that allows you to track and present your car’s fuel consumption and economy, including the instant and average MPG per trip and per day. This mode also allows you to track and display the average speed of your car. This tool is available if your vehicle supports OBD2 economy parameter such as MAP+IAT+RPM or MAF. To ensure accurate calculations, you may need to enter the engine displacement in cubic centimeters and the volumetric efficacy (in percent; the default value is 80).

The Logbook is a great addition to other features

InCarDoc Pro includes logbook notes, such as fuelling records, service records, diagnostics and general vehicle maintenance. It also provides GPS parameters such as speed and altitude. A console mode is available for experienced users. Direct OBD2 and ELM327 commands are sent. Custom configurations can be used for parameters and protocols that are not standard.

Both the Interface and Permissions

The user interface of this application is unique. It is clear and crisp and displays all the important content in an organized and detailed manner. The parameter charts are easier to read and see because each parameter is given a precise numerical value.

In order to use the inCarDoc app, you will need specific permissions. These permissions include the ability to access the device and app history, the location of extra GPS parameters, photos/media/files to store and read logbook and debug information, Bluetooth communication with an OBD2 scanner and internet publishing of logbook records.


The inCarDoc app is an excellent tool for car owners looking to monitor the performance of their vehicle and detect any anomalies in its behavior. The app provides precise and reliable data to help you maintain your vehicle’s performance. It does this by offering diagnostics, monitoring real-time metrics and monitoring fuel efficiency. The app has a wide range of features that include these capabilities.

inCarDoc Pro APK (Full Patched) Free Download

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Now you can download inCarDoc for free. Here are some notes.

  • Please carefully read the MOD Info and Installation instructions to ensure that your game & App will work correctly
  • The use of 3rd-party software such as IDM or ADM (Direct links) to download files is currently blocked due to abuse.

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