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Impossible Space v2.1.1 APK + MOD (MENU/God Mode, Money)

Impossible Space allows players to discover many planets through unique means. This is one of the hottest super products on the market today. Cross the horrible roads and sweep away the enemies in order to find the perfect planet for life. Users should mentally prepare themselves before playing the game.


Are you passionate about exploring planets that are alive? With your unwavering spirit, I know it won’t be an easy task. Impossible Space is always there to help you through the challenges and hardships. It will even guide you. Enter the thrilling games, which will have many surprises for you.

The players will be transformed into powerful heroes who can lead their army to explore the planets and conquer them. At first, this exploration will be difficult and filled with thorns. You will pass through thousands of difficult roads and be surrounded by enemies. What must you do to survive in this world? Fight them with a fierce spirit and a steady head.


Impossible Space will provide you with weapons that are essential and necessary. Weapons can be used to fight for yourself or for the betterment of your spirit. We can’t resist carrying a weapon when we fight because it’s a crucial part of our goals.

You can choose from a wide range of weapons, ranging from the smallest ones to the most powerful. You can add weapons by yourself, just go through the roads. Let’s fight and steal our arsenal. Each successful turn will also accumulate a large sum of money for players to unlock large arsenals.


There are many challenges and difficulties ahead in this exploration. Players will feel the excitement of hundreds of levels that are reproduced in the most realistic way. Impossible Space offers a variety of challenges. The main goal is to defeat the evil monsters that are on your exploration path.

You can also improve your abilities and skills to become an immortal hero. New players can now experience the most realistic equipment system. This game uses interesting sounds and images to create a unique feature.

Impossible Space is the game that will win over players’ hearts. The character creation is unique, and the charms of the game are memorable. Be yourself, show off your talent and gain the respect and affection of others.

Download Impossible Space 2.1.1 APK + Mod (MENU/God mode, Money)

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