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Imortal Summoners: Magic King v0.1.5 MOD APK (Auto Win)

Imortal Summoners: Magic King v0.1.5 MOD APK (Auto Win)

If you are looking for an action blockbuster, Immortal Summoners: Magic King is the right choice. Here you are a superhero whose mission is to guard the castle and attack your enemies. It is we who are strong enough to be able to kill the soldiers on the other side and capture all the power. The main attraction is that a wide range of weapons are also used, and you have to upgrade your strength. You take to the next level to be able to take on a more significant challenge.

Imortal Summoners: Magic King


First, you have to choose for yourself a superhero who can have enough power to take over the castle. What needs to be noticed is the actual power that the superhero holds. After making the selection, you will proceed according to the plans set out by Immortal Summoners: Magic King. Players need to take on quests and then do their own battles. This war is a war between our troops and elements of the enemy faction.

After receiving the mission, you must coordinate your strength with your teammates to be able to carry out the fight. This war must definitely be won because only victory will bring happiness to the whole castle. Players should also clearly assign tasks to other heroic characters to create a large-scale war. Players must also show their ability through this macro-scale battle.


After assigning tasks as well as dividing the implementation plan, you will coordinate with the soldiers to fight. Divide each group of troops and from there make a plan to attack suddenly. Go to places with difficult terrain to ambush with traps and mysterious weapons of our own army. More specifically, you can use all the weapons that Immortal Summoners: Magic King provides to complete your mission.

Using all kinds of attacks on the big points is our army’s advantage. The exciting thing in this battle is that you can use a withdrawal feature if you see that the opponent is too strong. You must withdraw before you can destroy the force and help our team to the safest place of defense. Players need to build a great base before making a robust attack plan.

Imortal Summoners: Magic King


You need to perform power and ability upgrades to become the strongest person. The remarkable thing is that you have to upgrade gradually and floor by floor for them to see the breakthrough. Players also need to show their true ability to suppress the other army. Players also need to use their own tricks to upgrade their weapons and make their army the strongest candidate in this great Immortal Summoners: Magic King.

Through this, Immortal Summoners: Magic King seems to make players feel most excited. Players always create unexpected moves and help our army fight enormously. Have to upgrade your own strength by increasing the tower. You have to be able to show exciting levels of upgrades. You also feel that the game has many more surprises and exciting things that you and your teammates make discoveries about


  • Immediately choose any superhero and continue the game’s task entrusts to you.
  • Fight all the great enemies and drive them back to their country.
  • Always upgrade weapons and support equipment such as vehicles… to fight quickly and win quickly on all fronts.
  • Always be wary of the enemy because if the enemy goes with the group too strong, you should dodge not to lose your life.
  • It is necessary to immediately select the life protection feature so as not to be killed during the performance of the game’s mission.

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