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Idle Light City v3.0.1 MOD APK (Map Speed)

Idle Light City v3.0.1 MOD APK (Map Speed)

If the city sinks into a blur and is no longer beautiful, what will you do? Idle Light City will always support you enthusiastically by providing you with the most prominent light bulb company. You will have the task of running the operating company and building a solid company in this unique simulation game. Light bulbs will be operated everywhere and help the city become bright with colorful lights. Let’s do our best to make the city more robust.

Idle Light City


The city was shrouded in darkness, and everyone was afraid of this dark feeling. Idle Light City will assist you in making the city more vibrant, thanks to the lights. You are one of the people with enough power to take over the light bulb company and maintain the company in the most stable state. More specifically, you have all the abilities to help the city get rid of this horrible darkness.

First, you have to determine where the power outages or shadows are. Then you will make a plan to bring the light bulb there to help each household in the city. The main attraction is that you should also arrange the work to assign the light bulbs to each house according to your specific instructions. Each home will be provided with a specified range of light bulbs.

Idle Light City Idle Light City


What you should do after completing the preparations is to expand your company’s activities. The company will help you maintain production, the specific personnel management stage. The main point is that you also need to highlight the right contingency plans so that you can respond efficiently if there is another situation. You should also prepare the implementation methods not to be surprised during the implementation process.

You need to import new materials, new colors to create light bulbs of different shapes and colors. Idle Light City always gives you unique ideas to do this quest. However, there will also be a few challenges that come with it, but we can also overcome them by ourselves or with great help from the game.


Once you’ve done your job of saving your city and expanding your business, you should also consider the next steps. Import more types of machines, improve more modern lines to open more branches. The branch opening is to make us accessible to modernity and neighborhoods to be lived in characteristic light. This is the main core that Idle Light City really wants from you.

Idle Light City Idle Light City

Idle Light City has successfully demonstrated outstanding tasks and significant challenges through this. The game always creates an overwhelming attraction for all players, and you are no exception. The game wants you to get the best and always create the most rewarding playing fields. Lightbulbs follow each other on duty everywhere, knocking on doors to meet all these modern needs.


  • The city is sinking into darkness, and you take on the task of brightening the city, making it beautiful.
  • Always try to run a giant light bulb company and produce as many light bulbs as possible.
  • Change many types of light bulbs, can add new different forms or colors to win.
  • Always focus on upgrading the light bulb, must complete the game’s goal.
  • Scale to other cities and many places to help the surrounding cities.
  • Always upgrade the city and expand the neighboring factories to find many valuable items.

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